Sunday, January 29, 2006

Black Liberation Television (BLTV)

Black Liberation Television (BLTV)

The Time Is Now Got Dam It! (For Effect)


Charles E. Campbell

In Spirit and Legacy of the Honorable Marcus M. Garvey, I offer a simple proposal. Black Liberation Television (BLTV) is an idea whose time has come. BLTV would consist of one cable channel broadcasting in seven languages. They would be English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Ghanaian, and Swahili. BLTV will be unique because it will uplift and empower Black Afrikan People and People of Afrikan Descent around the world. That is the global vision. I have always believed that one should start small and grow. My idea of small is a bit larger than most.

BLTV should be owned by Black Afrikan People and operated in the interest of Black People of Afrikan Descent. That is a hard concept for most Black Afrikan People to understand, even among those of us who consider ourselves conscious. Capitalism is all about selfish greed. Many Black Afrikan People have been taught capitalism and will want to bring that ideology to BLTV. That will not be allowed to happen.

It will require extraordinary courage and sacrifice to implement this proposal. Some people will even lose their life and livelihood. This proposal is a true test of Black People of Afrikan Descents’ collective strength, courage and will. “Up You Mighty Race, Accomplish What You Will”, said the Honorable Marcus Garvey. I say, “Where There Is A Will, There’s A Way, But Where There Is No Will, There Are Excuses”. So, let me start by talking about some of the expected excuses and offer some solutions to them.

Excuse #1: Some Black People of Afrikan Descent don’t trust other Black People of Afrikan Descent.

Solution: Black Afrikan Americans through the enslavement, deconstruction, jim crow and affirmative re-action periods have been taught to mistrust, hate, mistreat, abuse and kill each other. Those individuals, who cannot STOP this inappropriate behavior, will not be allowed to participate with BLTV! Similar processes have been implemented around the world on People of Afrikan Descent. They too must stop! We don’t want nor need their time, effort or money. Therefore, if you are one of those, please leave BLTV alone and BLTV will leave you alone.

Excuse #2: Some Black People of Afrikan Descent don’t think that BLTV can never be done.

Solution: That’s A Lie! The Honorable Marcus Garvey with his UNIA and The Greenwood Community of Tulsa, Oklahoma (Black Wall Street) achieved unbelievable economic success. Black Afrikans in America number between 38 and 45 million people who generate and estimated 700 to 800 Billion Dollars each year. We simply have lacked the Leadership and Will to do for ourselves after the Trick of Desegregation. If individuals can start BET, Black Family Channel and TVOne, imagine what a collective of Committed Black Afrikan People from around this world can achieve.

Excuse #3: The U.S. Government will not allow us to do this.

Solution: We will do it anyway! It is not illegal to start a broadcasting company in the U.S. or South Africa, Ghana or Nigeria. The worst thing they can do is kill us and they are already doing that. (Poor Health Care, No Health Care, Drugs, Alcohol, Guns, Incarceration, Genocide, Iraq Wars, Aids, Bird Flu, Man Made Natural Disaster like Hurricane Katrina Orleans, LA, and Sudan, Afrika) So all weak-kneed Negroes need not step forward. Stay safe, comfortable, and away from BLTV.

Excuse #4: Where are we going to get the money?

Solution: From Black Afrikan People in the United States, Afrikan Countries and from around the world. Here is how we fund BLTV. Everyone will have an opportunity to make a one-time contribution at his or her financial level of comfort. The support level goals are as follows:

100 People to contribute 1 Million Dollars = 100 Million Dollars

200 People to contribute 500,000 Dollars= 100 Million Dollars

400 People to contribute 250,000 Dollars= 100 Million Dollars

667 People to contribute 150,000 Dollars=100 Million Dollars

1,000 People to contribute 100,000 Dollars=100 Million Dollars

2,000 People to contribute 50,000 Dollars=100 Million Dollars

4,000 People to contribute 25,000 Dollars=100 Million Dollars

10,000 People to contribute 10,000 Dollars=100 Million Dollars

20,000 People to contribute 5,000 Dollars=100 Million Dollars

50,000 People to contribute 2,000 Dollars=100 Million Dollars

100,000 People to contribute 1,000 Dollars=100 Million Dollars

200,000 People to contribute 500 Dollars=100 Million Dollars

400,000 People to contribute 250 Dollars=100 Million Dollars

800,00 People to contribute 125 Dollars=100 Million Dollars

1.5 Million People to contribute 67 Dollars=100 Million Dollars

2 Million People to contribute 50 Dollars=100 Million Dollars

4 Million People to contribute 25 Dollars=100 Million Dollars

10 Million People to contribute 10 Dollars=100 Million Dollars

20 Million People to contribute 5 Dollars=100 Million Dollars

Our goal is to generate 100 Million Dollars to launch and operate BLTV. I realize that the majority of Black Afrikan People might only be able to contribute at a lower level, but every dime counts. Contribute at your level and do not plan to write your contributions off on your taxes, if you are contributing from the United States.

Now that I have addressed most of the excuses, here is the plan. Oh! For those of you who believe that The Quiet Resolution (TQR) ( ) will not be televised, think again. BLTV will televise the truth about everything including The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. So, if this idea scares you, be afraid. Be very afraid!

It will take our collective energy, money, intellect, skills and talents to implement this BLTV. Therefore, I challenge every Historical Black College and University Student, every Afrikan College and University Student, every Black Writer, Producers, Director, Actor, Camera Person, Technician, Black Professionals and Nonprofessionals of Afrikan Descent to support this proposal, regardless of your religious, philosophical, economic, social, political or ethnic background. We must own and control a media that examines true Black Afrikan History and Culture and current events from our perspective. We must begin to write and produce multimedia projects for Black Liberation Television (BLTV). We must also begin to tell our stories uncensored by anyone, include ourselves. We must begin to expose the truth about our history, culture, experiences, hopes, dreams and aspirations from a Conscious Black Afrikan Perspective and Worldview.

What You Must To Do Next?

Suppose you read this proposal and think that it is a Great Idea. Here is what you do.

Step 1: Tell everyone you know about it. Email a link to to everyone you know. If you speak a different language, you have my permission to translate it into that language and publish this proposal in every newspaper, magazine, Internet discussion group that will allow it.

Step 2: Email me at I want your feedback and your level of planned commitment. You will be provided with instruction and a time to contribute your financial support.

Step 3: A Business Plan will be developed with time-lines, which include hiring a Conscious Management Team to implement BLTV. Trust is not optional, it is Mandatory.

Step 4: The launch of Black Liberation Television (BLTV) will be on January 1, 2007 in English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Ghanaian, and Swahili.

BLTV will be owned by the Black Afrikan World Community and will never be sold, influenced nor controlled by anyone other than Consciously Committed Black Afrikans who will risk their life for Truth and Justice. Anyone connected in anyway to Black Liberation Television (BLTV) who attempts to exploit Black Liberation Television (BLTV) for their own selfish or greedy personal benefit or someone else’s benefit, must understand that they do so with the understanding that they, Give Black Afrikan People Permission To Take Their Life. This implied agreement should deter 99% of the people from trying to sabotage BLTV from within. The other 1% will try to stop BLTV from the outside. They will include agents of various governments.

Black Empowerment is not for the weak of mind, spirit and heart, because it could and most likely will cost you your life, but your sacrifice will help us create a better world for your children to live in. We were born to die, but what we choose to do with our life will make the difference for the next generation of Black People of Afrikan Decent.


One Love, One People, One Goal: Black Empowerment

Charles E. Campbell Black Liberation Radio

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Black Educated Foolishness Must Stop!

Black Educated Foolishness Must Stop!

Written by

Charles E. Campbell, One Black Afrikan Man’s Opinion (1 BAMO)

First, I want to acknowledge that I am a proud member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. I pledged at Jackson State University and participate with my graduate chapter in Columbus, Ohio. I want to acknowledge all the Black Greek Sororities, Fraternities, Professional and Nonprofessional Organizations who are doing great things in their communities. We are that group that W. E. B. DuBois called the “Talented Tenth”. That group who was supposed to lead the Black Race. It was a wonderful idea, but today, we are a Collective Group of Unconscious Black Mis-Educated People, engaged in foolish inappropriate behavior. We don’t see ourselves as part of a collective group of Black Afrikan American People. We are caught up in the games of selfish materialism, ego driving consumerism and utter foolishness. We spend an enormous amount of time watching sports, having sex, using drugs, listening to music, climbing the corporate ladder and having a good time in order to maintain a healthy mental status, instead of working collectively and taking responsibility for the uplift and empowerment of OUR PEOPLE.

Here’s what we are doing wrong. As members of organizations, we collectively spend millions of dollars each year on conferences, hotel, travel, food, facility rental, marketing and printing in various cities. We have been doing this since the mid 20th Century. Our leadership is stuck in doing things the old way, because they are afraid their membership will reject them if they truly were to provide us with leadership. In many cases, they are correct, but true leadership takes backbone and courage. Many of them have their noses so far up the Butts of white people, that they are afraid to make any move without first smelling the strength of the white person’s fart. In other words, they are afraid that the white political and elite will not approve of them working toward the uplift and empowerment of their own people. That’s why most Black Leaders refused to meet together with each other and collectively discuss solutions to issues and problems relevant to the masses of Black Afrikan American People.

I’m not the first to say this nor will I be the last, but if we continue to remain silent, we bare the same responsibility as those who lead us. I have always tried to propose a solution, when I discuss Black Problems. Those of you who are brainwashed and conditioned to think about white folks problems, WAKE UP! Learn to love that which you can never change (Your Race).

One Of The Solutions: Black Economic Empowerment!

Our National Black Afrikan and Afrikan American Organizations must collectively create a for-profit International Organization with local branches where Black Social, Professional and Nonprofessional Organizations meet monthly collectively on a local level and attend a national conference every 5 years. All participating organizations must provide membership dues of $1,000 per year to the national and $500 to the local branches of the Organization specifically for the purpose of purchasing large hotels in cities that have a majority Black population first. Local branches will purchase facilities where they will collectively spend their money on programs that uplift and empower Black Afrikan American People.

If 100 Black Organizations pooled $1,000 per year, that would total $100,000 per year and $500 per year would total 50,000 at a local level. Now imagine 200 Black Organizations doing this. The average Black Organization Conference generates and average of 3 Million Dollars for the host city. The Host City must be willing go contribute 30% of the profits from those conferences back to that International Organization, who will redistribute 20% of those dollars back to the local branches. We could generate $300,000 for our own organizations. Currently, they pimp our leadership with free rooms, free food, free limo and free liquor and these Negroes actually think they are getting a great deal for their organizations. Their selfish egos are being stroked.

The first goal should be to Purchase and Operate one large hotel in a predominate Black Owned City. Starting in the year 2010, each national organization must schedule their next five conferences in that city. This financial system will effectively allow the local branches redistribute money back into their communities. That organization must have clearly identified programs that empower and uplift Black People.

One goal must be to support Historical Black and United Negro College Funded Colleges and Universities, and demand that they change their focus to include students working collective across various academic disciplines with the goal of developing products and services that Black Businesses can develop, manufacture, market, distribute and sell in all areas of commerce. Black People including Black Professionals Nonprofessionals, and Black Students must create a new model for self-sufficiency, self-empowerment and self-uplift. This would lead to 100% employment and Black Business Growth in our communities.

We must begin to seriously discuss the current situation of the Masses of Black Afrikan American People and do something about it. The Black Community is Hurting and we the so-called “Talented Tenth” must get up off our collective Asses and do something to uplift and empower them! If most of those pimping politicians and preachers were going to use their influence, position or resources to address Black People’s Collective Problems, they would be doing so already! So, don’t waste your time! They will have to follow our collective leadership or get the Hell Out-The Way!

Let me know what you think!


One Love, One People, One Goal: Black Empowerment

Charles E. Campbell

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Saturday, January 21, 2006

How To Destroy, Steal and Kill Black People

How They Destroyed, Killed and are Stealing From Black People in New Orleans, LA?

New Orleans is a classic example of the so-called Christian Devil. A plan was devised, implemented and executed on Black People in New Orleans, LA. "They" and US government Corps of Engineers poorly constructed a level, which did not break when Hurricane Katrina hit as they expected. Therefore, they strategically bombed it next to the Lower Ninth Ward. This action killed many people and ethnically cleansed Black People from their neighborhood. Now they have developed an unethical, immoral and racist plan to legally steal the property. Follow the money and you will clearly see who "THEY" are.

In the book of made up stories, the bible, it describes an evil satin, as someone who comes but to steal, kill and destroy. They should have added Black Afrikan People to the end of that statement. I agree with that definition evil. Now judge who is currently and has historically behaved around the world in that manner.

To those Samboes, like Mayor Ray Nagins who left his people who he knew had no transportation and did nothing to help them until it was too late and who is allowing the blatant theft of Black Afrikan American People's Property, I say that you are a disgrace to the Black Race. However, to the Boule and Black Conservatist you are a role mode of how to mistreat Black People. Shame On you!

The White Media made Mayor Sambo Ray Nagin apologized for calling New Orleans a Chocolate City and he did. Shame On You Ray! The Whites People wanted to make it clear that New Orleans will never be a Black, Chocolate, Mulatto or any kind of other city that has a Black Afrikan American Population and thanks to Sambo Ray’s poor leadership on behalf of Black People.

Charles E. Campbell

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

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