Saturday, August 18, 2012

Do We Deserve The Black Leadership We Vote For?

Do We Deserve The Black Leadership We Vote For?

Black African Americans should be ashamed of President Obama and other Black Leaders, when they examine the conditions of Black African Americans as a group.  President Obama and other Black Elected Leaders and their surrogates take pride in telling Black Folks without shame, that he's not the President of Black Americans, but all Americans. Is that a verbal slap in the face? It is for that reason, that I still believe in the Change part of his old message. It is a mark of insanity to keep voting for the same politicians for a second term in office and expecting him or her to do something different to address Black African American issues. I plan to vote for change in Nov. 12 without fear of another party, because the election of President Obama made one thing crystal clear to me. Regardless of which party is in office or the color of their skin, Black African American's issues will always remain at the bottom of their agenda, especially when it comes to access to economic empowerment resources. 

As a result of Poor Black Leadership, we remain at the top of poverty, incarceration, homicides, unemployment and suffering.  We can be assured that no elected or self appointed Black Leader will assume responsibility for solving our problems, unless we remove the security of a guaranteed election or re-election without a record of solutions to our problems.  I hope the Black African American set this new standard for evaluating their elected and appointed leaders: "Black Leadership Solves Our Problems Without Excuses".   Beware of those paid and volunteer consultants or surrogates who appear  in the Black media or Black Churches every election season to inspire you to get out to vote, but disappear when it comes time to demand accountability for solving our problems. If you are tire of being used or pimped, join me and let’s start voting for change until we get it. No elected leader, regardless of party deserves a second term in 2012 when you examine the condition of this country.

C. Earl Campbell DA 3rd

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Art Of Black Love eBook Interview

The Art Of Black Love eBook written by Author C. Earl Campbell DA 3rd as a wakeup for Black African Americans and challenges us to solve our own problems, break our religious programming and demand leadership that solves our problems without excuses.  Available for $9.99 at 

Saturday, July 07, 2012

The Art Of Black Love eBook Release

1 Black African Mans Opinion (1BAMO) - Blogged

The Art Of Black Love eBook

Monday, July 02, 2012

Innovation Solution To Power Outages

In The Heat and In The Dark: A Simple Solution To Power Outages
Charles E. Campbell, Inventor, Innovator and Entrepreneur
Today, July 2nd, my apartment complex had its power restored after a fallen tree was removed.  It was hot and miserable over the weekend.  As a social worker, I am concerned about the health and well being of those still at risk of the high temperatures, loss of food and medications.  It seems that every year, we remain at the mercy of the weather and power companies. Nationally, it was estimated that 2 million people were without power.  This is unacceptable, therefore I will offer a solution for getting electricity restored in every community within 24 hours. I also have an innovative invention idea for a generator that will supply backup power during any power outage without requiring gas, diesel, wind or solar power.
Solution: Each community should recruit and pay to have five teams of three people (15 People) to be trained by the local power company to safely remove trees and restore power within their community.  Each community should vote to pay an additional $5 property tax and a $0.50 Monthly Utility Tax, which would only be used to train people who live in our community and ensure that they have a contractual obligation to work to restore the power of the community that paid for their training first. They would be allowed to serve other community for a fee paid to the community that trained them. The taxes and fees will be used to purchase, maintain and store utility trucks, uniforms, equipment, initial and annual training and certification and a monthly allowance. This would allow utility companies to focus on the major grid problems, while communities have their power restored within 24 hours, no matter how severe the storm. This is a simple solution that can be refined, improved and implemented, if demanded by citizens tired of suffering through power outages. 
With unemployment at record levels, this initiative would make a difference in many communities. When compared to losses suffered by businesses, this is a feasible and cost effective solution.  I’ve tried to offer innovative job creation, wildfire extinguishing, renewable energy and national transportation solutions to President Obama’s Administration, governors and mayors, who seem only to be interested in getting re-elected or pay-to-play deals. We The People can solve some of our own problems and we must demand leadership that solves problems without Excuses!  
Action Step: Contact your state, county, city and local community leadership and request that your community be granted the right to implement this idea. Contact your local Power Company Headquarters and request their participation.  I welcome your comments.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

1 Black African Mans Opinion (1BAMO) - Blogged

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PuzzIt App - Android

PuzzIT App now Available at the Google Play Store for $0.99 for Android Phones. The App uses your camera to take a picture or allows you to select a photo from the phone to create a puzzle. Complete the puzzle slowly or play the PuzzIt Game and challenge yourself. It’s the only puzzle game app that you will ever need. I invite all my family, friends, associates and Brothers to support my effort.

Charles E. Campbell, App Developer - Join My Free Social Network

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Black College Student Pledge

Black College Student Pledge

I pledge allegiance, to the Love
Of my Brothers and Sisters in this College,

And to the family for which we now belong, One student body, under God, indivisible with love and compassion for each other.

I am, my Brother's and Sister's Keeper and I will cause them No disrespect or harm, neither physically, sexually, mentally or emotionally.

I am responsible for your success and I pledge to never let you fail.Though we might join different organizations or sports team, We are one family.

By C. Earl Campbell Da 3rd
Dedicated to the Memory of Nolan Ryan Henderson, III Jackson State University Student and those who Assaulted and Murdered him. 3/29/12

Friday, March 23, 2012

Breaking Business News! The Launch of

Breaking Business News! The Launch of

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Charles E. Campbell, App Developer, Inventor, Innovator and Entrepreneur Social Collaboration Without Greed The Best Online Tool To Raise Donations Renewable Energy Startup

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Sunday, March 18, 2012


1 Black African Mans Opinion (1BAMO) - Blogged

ICU App The “ICU” name was chosen because it means that a person is remembered and acknowledged for their being and soul. “I See You!” ICU App uses the Calendar, SMS Text, Email, Twitter, Facebook to send a Pre-created message on a person’s birthday, anniversary or special day and time.

User will be able create a message and have that message sent by Text, Email, Twitter and Facebook on a scheduled day and time. Users can schedule to receive a notification reminder before or on the day of the event. User get to use their address book, add video or a picture. Users will never have to remember their wedding anniversary, birthday, graduation or special event date and time again. Available for $1.99 on Android Play

Co-Created by Grace M. Malone and Charles E. Campbell

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Are Young Black Men Doing the Work of the Ku Klux Klan or Where Are We Really at War?

1 Black African Mans Opinion (1BAMO) - Blogged

Subject: Are Young Black Men Doing the Work of the Ku Klux Klan?; Youth Write About Gangs, Guns and Violence; Washington, D.C. Mentors Incarcerated Youth; See Red Tails -- The Great American Film; 98 Cities Have Signed On To Mentor Black Boys in January and February 2012

Black Star Logo
70,000 Black Americans Murdered in Past 10 Years but Quiet from Government and Black Leaders
Friday, 10 September 2010

Are Young Black Men Doing the Work of the Ku Klux Klan or Where Are We Really at War?
Carnage in Black communities across America

By Phillip Jackson
This is not an article to demonize young Black men. This is an article to help stop the carnage in Black communities across America, to begin the process of rebuilding these communities and to re-engineer the lives of young Black men. Many young Black men feel angry and are desperate because Black communities and America have failed them. While some of this hopelessness is understandable because of their extreme negative circumstances, it does not give any young Black men the right to hurt others.
Let's begin with a controversial question: Are young Black men doing the work of the Ku Klux Klan as the primary killers of Black people in America? Without much debate, the answer is yes! Although the impetus for Black-on-Black destruction differs from the Klan's motivation, the results are arguably more horrific. Judging strictly by the numbers, the Klan was never as efficient as young Black men are today at killing Black people. According to a study from the Tuskegee Institute, the Ku Klux Klan killed 3,446 Black people in America during an 86-year span compared with Black men who kill about this same number of Black people every six months.
Statistics from the United States Department of Justice clearly show the magnitude of this tragedy on U.S. soil especially when compared with war-related data during a 9½ year period from 2001 through 2010. In two U.S. wars, 6,754 American soldiers were killed (including 2,019 soldiers in Afghanistan since 2001 and 4,735 soldiers in Iraq since 2003).
Statistics show that more than 7,000 Black people are murdered in this country every year! During the 9½ years the U.S. has been at war overseas, about 67,000 Black people were murdered in the United States.
Most of these homicides were committed by Black men, primarily men in the 17-44 year-old-age range, against other Black men in that same age group. Black men comprise about 6.5% of the U.S. population and nearly half of U.S. homicide victims.
Today, the Black community faces a serious irony. Little more than fifty years ago, Black communities wanted Black men to protect them from White men who wore "hoods" while they killed Black people and destroyed their property. Fifty years later, Black communities are asking local (mostly White) police departments and state National Guard units to protect them from our sons and neighbors: mostly young Black men in "hoodies" and ski masks who are killing Black people and destroying their property.
Whether perpetrated by the Ku Klux Klan or by young Black men, this terrorism is decimating Black communities. Opportunities for positive community development and growth are smothered when young Black men murder other young Black men and inadvertently maim and kill other innocent people in these communities. Children are afraid to travel to and from school, middle-income Blacks refuse to reside in high-crime communities, business owners steer clear of inner-city areas and senior citizens become easy prey. Black communities become paralyzed and implode under the weight of Black-on-Black crime, violence and murder.
Five strategies, outlined by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, seem to offer the best approach to reduce youth violence and produce long-term, lasting, positive results. These recommended strategies include: (1) build strong families and communities and employ responsible parents as the chief agents to reduce youth violence; (2) teach young children ways to resolve conflict peacefully; (3) provide mentors to serve as guides and role models for positive youth behavior; (4) reduce social and economic causes of violence in young people's environments; and (5) ensure spiritual or character-based training for young children and reinforce that training throughout their early teen years.

Where is the official U.S. government's response to 67,000 Black American citizens slaughtered in its streets during the past 9½ years? Implementing solutions that effectively address this reign of death in the Black community will not and should not come primarily from Washington, state capitals or city halls. While it is the Black community that must strongly respond with effective solutions and actions, government still has a crucial responsibility to support structural remedies to this genocide. So far, local, state and federal governments alike have answered with a "calculated non-response" to the national carnage and human catastrophe of this Black-on-Black murder. This same calculated non-response was the position taken by all levels of government during the reign of terror by the Ku Klux Klan.
More than 145 years after the Klan's founding, only the killers have changed -- not the killing, not the victims and not the poor response from government! Are young Black men doing the work of the Ku Klux Klan? They are doing it better than the Klan!!! And the world is watching.
All pictures supplied by The Black Star Project. You may contact Phillip Jackson at 773.285.9600, email him at or

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Are Black Men Too Weak And Afraid To Fight For Our Own Women And Children?

1 Black African Mans Opinion (1BAMO) - Blogged

Are Black Men Too Weak And Afraid To Fight For Our Own Women And Children?


Charles E. Campbell, LSW, MSW

Lisa Alexander, mother of Neli Latson, was convicted on 1/10/2012 of misdemeanor charges that for many would have resulted in little to no jail time. However, supporters were stunned that the trial concluded with Lisa being taken away as a prisoner to be incarcerated for one year, which was later shortened to six months.

Lisa Alexander is an 11 year military veteran with no prior criminal history. She left the military to dedicate her life to her children and to especially build a stable life for her autistic son, Neli. Neli was racially profiled, thrown in jail, and unjustly convicted in May, 2010 at the hands of the same DA's office that prosecuted her. Lisa has been tirelessly advocating for Neli and the only constant throughout his terrifying ordeal has been his mother's voice by telephone each day and their weekly visits. She is her son's coping mechanism and is absolutely vital to him.

A number of Neli's supporters believe that the incarceration of Lisa Alexander is in direct retaliation for her efforts to speak out against the corruption in Stafford County and her fight to have her son released to a facility capable of addressing his autism. Her internet campaign to win supporters to her son's cause was even mentioned by the prosecution during the course of the trial.

Lisa has been under such an extreme amount of stress over the past few years since Neli's arrest that she has suffered severe vision loss rendering her barely able to read. Family and friends are greatly concerned for her health and well being, as well as Neli's.

Is something wrong with the police and prosecutor in Stafford County? Are they that Racist? This Family needs legal representation immediately. I'm calling on Attorney Willie Gary, Professor Charles Oglertree and some of our best legal minds to come to the aid of this family. President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder’s Justice Department should be investigating both of these cases. We the collective Black African American Community must not allow this type of 1960s Southern Racist Justice to continue. This is a test case to see if Black African Americans can be treated this way and no one says or does anything about it.

Lisa and Neil could be our mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, child, brother, uncle or cousin. They are apart of us. Where is Michelle Obama, who claims to support military families? Maybe these cases don’t present her and The White House with a photo opportunity? She is an attorney and mother, but where is her compassion for Lisa and Neli? Does county, city and state prosecutors still have the power to violate someone's civil liberties and human rights, if they are Black In America? CNN’s Soledad O’Brian,where are you? Where is the National Media, when this is happening to Blacks In America? Where is Black Media? Where are Black Men? Are Black Men too weak and afraid to fight for and protect our own children and women? Does Lisa's husband still serve in the US Military and place his life on the line everyday for this nation, just have his wife and child treated this way?

I say, "Enough Is Enough", to quote one of my mentors, William “Bill” Moss, who profiled and role modeled Black Men’s Courage! Human Beings, but especially Black Men should ensure justice for this family! Where is our Manhood and Courage? This injustice cannot be allowed to continue unchallenged. I challenge All Black Men, including President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder to find the courage to stand up and address this injustice By Any And All Legal Means Necessary.

Charles E. Campbell, Conscious Black African American Man

Petition Link:

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More info on Neli Latson at


Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Open Letter To Black Leadership

1 Black African Mans Opinion (1BAMO) - Blogged

Warning: Be Careful Marc Morial, President and CEO, National Urban League and Black African American Leadership

by Charles E. Campbell

Yes, Rick Santorum comments, if report accurately and in context about Black and entitlement programs are offensive, but your and other Black African American's Leadership have given President Obama a complete pass, while Black African American's Unemployment and Poverty levels have risen to the highest since the Great Depression. Black Leadership including President Obama have offered no solutions, and no federal stimulus funding targeted at our problems. Even today, you and other Black Leadership do nothing to solve our problems. President Obama rewarded Black Leadership for helping deliver over 95% of the Black African American vote in 2008 with trips to the White House and photo opportunities. Why couldn't you have instead, asked for the same type "Pay-To-Play" half Billion Dollar Stimulus Deal that he gave the executives of Solyndra Solar? You asked for and got nothing on behalf of Black African Americans. Why wasn’t our high unemployment and poverty levels declared "Too Big To Allow To Continue", like the banks and auto industries declared “Too Big To Fail”

Somehow you found the time to write about Rick Santorum, poor comments, while doing little to solve our real problems. How about proposing some implementable solutions to address our poverty and unemployment.

Leadership Solves Problems without Excuses! I hope Black Folks see this political game for what it really is and how you and other Black Leaders through your poor leadership have help to maintain Black Folks in our current conditions or have done nothing collectively to address it. Lead by solving our problems or do many of us a favor and get out of the way! Doing nothing to address the crisis in the Black Community is deployable, disrespectfully, unethical and should be a crime. The National Urban League’s Annual State Of Black America Report on our conditions paints a sad picture of our suffering. Some of us understand the political games that are played, but Enough! Our people are suffering, hungry, homeless and unemployed and that must not be allowed to continue. Our children and elderly are also suffering as their families continue to struggle and deteriorate. Do Something!

I’ve repeatedly tried to share innovation with President Obama and his administration, and they have refused to respond. I never criticize leadership without offering implementable solutions to address Black African Americans Problems. These are a few solutions that I suggest that the NAACP, CUL, Black Fraternities and Sororities, Black Civic Associations and Organizations collective implement across this country.

  1. Develop a National Strategy to purchase foreclosed homes in every city where you have offices and give to Black Families with an affordable mortgage of zero, until the economy improves.

  1. Create a National Temporary Employment Agencies and open branch in all of your local offices to compete and provide training and placement.

  1. Lease one closed High School in every city and provide free training for creating digital products like apps, eBooks, games, music, movies and computer programming, solar panel installation and trades.

  1. Create a business incubator program where the best ideas get fast tracked that can create the most jobs in our communities in the fastest time. (Manufacturing Jobs from innovations and Inventions). Require a Business Agreement where those startup companies receiving help agree to provide 25% of their profits back to support the other non-revenue generating community programs.

  1. Establish for-profit National Venture Capital Investment Firm with branches in each city and ask the Black Community to collectively contribute small amounts to their local VC.

6. Funding: Here's how all these things get funded. Create a process where the Black Community can use payroll deduction, Bank Account Transfer ACH, and cash and change donation to support our efforts. Require all people employed or receiving benefits for your programs to voluntarily donate through payroll deduction $20 per pay, which is tax deductible. Set aside 25% of the amount collected each week to be raffle off to a local contributor in each community to generate interest and support. Require all Black Organization to contribute $1,000 within the next 30 days to provide seed capital to help fund the implementation of these ideas. Also to ensure integrity accountability and transparency by provide online access to plans, timeline, people responsible and financial accounting and spending of all funds.

These are just a few of the solutions to be implemented by leadership with the speed of business. However, if you require a meeting, to plan a meeting, to discuss a meeting, then all hope is lost and you will continue your same old fail leadership and the Black Community will continue their suffering, until they demand new leadership. We have the talent , ideas, innovation and expertise to solve our own problems under the right leadership.

I challenge you and other Black African American Leaders to collectively solve our problems through effective leadership without EXCUSES!

Charles E. Campbell, Social Worker, Author, App Developer, Inventor, Innovator and Entrepreneur

Founder & CEO of AHEC

Co-Founder of Poms, Inc.



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