Thursday, November 29, 2007

Black Independent Women Need Black Men

This is one of my responses to Ms. Rheema Ellis, NBC Reporter series on Black Women the week of November 26-30th 2007. My heart goes out to you. I could see the pain and joy on your face and in your voice. You and NBC are doing a great job with this series. I needed to hear from those women as a divorced 40 year old Black African American Man.

I am working to implement a plan to improve the Black man, Black Woman and Black Family. Black Love must be our common bond. A degree or job can never replace a Black man, neither can a White or Hispanic Man. Therefore I offer this idea to solve the problem. Serious Black Men and Black Women should form Bi-monthly meetings where they talk about a topics regarding relationship: These groups should be no more than 20 people per group. They can be held at a local school, church or community center on Saturday Mornings from 8-10 AM. The topics should be the same for each group each month. However, the second meeting should be mixed, where men listen and not talk. The following month's mix meeting women must listen and not talk. One requirement is that you must have spent the previous month listening before you can talk at the mixed meeting. Why this idea. Black men and Black Women have never been taught how to honestly communicate with each other.

Ms. Ellis, I believe that you could establish and become the spokesperson for such an effort.

Black men love Black Women! Black Women have helped to restore our humanity after racism repeated takes it away. Our pride and ego often gets in the way of our common sense. To answer the question, when did things start to go down for Black People, it correlates with integration and desegregation.

Thank you so much for helping to shed a light on Black Women.

Black Independent Women Need Black Men

After watching the full interview online that aired on Wednesday, November28, 2007, I felt the need to respond by posting a blog. I try not to post anything just for the sake of blogging. I felt compelled to address several issues raised by Ms. Ellis and her panel of Black Women. First let me state for the record, that I Love Black African American People unconditionally. I may not always agree with some of the inappropriate behavior that some Black people engage in, but I have an understanding of why. Black Women, we love you! We need you! We respect and appreciate you! One the other hand, we abuse you! We disrespect you! We abandon you!

It would talk Dr. Alvin Puissant or Dr. Ray Hagins ( to fully explain why we hate the very thing we love. Black women have been the stable rock of the family, because the Black Man was systematically attacked. I know! Black Women don’t want to hear No excuses. They believe that they made it in this racist society and life ain’t been easy for them either. They are right. It is time for Black Men to get over our excuses about Racism. Our women perceive us as weak, because we stopped fighting for them and our families. Racist and racism will always exits, but we don’t have to let it control our behavior and lives. Live free or die trying! That means spending some time learning about healthy Black Relationships and practicing what we learn. Black Men have time to give. Give it to Black Women and Black Children. When we change our behavior, we will earn their love and respect. As many Black Men know, there ain’t no feeling like being loved by a Black Women.

Let me suggest this to Black Women. The reason you can not walk away from your children is because they imprinted themselves on your soul during pregnancy and after birth. Men must be required to spend a minimum of three hours per day with their child between birth and six months. They must change the diapers, feed, bathe, rock to sleep, play with, provide love when the cry and allow their souls to be imprinted. Once this bonding occurs, it will be difficult for him to walk away from his child/ ren.

Black Women must also learn about the Black Man. He is a unique and different human being, uniquely shaped by his history and that of his father, grandfather, great-grandfather. He is born with gifts, talents and aspirations that this racist society does everything to destroy. Because there are few or no strong Black Communities with Strong Black Leaders, he is prepared in elementary and middle school to be hunted for the Prison Industrial Complex. He has a value of $30,000 per year to a private prison. In a racist system that will not spend $10,000 per year for four years to educate him. Black Men and Black Women must be retrained and reeducated to love each other, or the racist plan will have worked and we will turn away for the Black African American Race. We dishonor our ancestors when we knowing or unknowing seek love, respect and affirmation outside of our race.

There is something almost magical about the Love of a Black Woman and a Black Man. It’s a Power that transcends time and space. If you’ve seen it, you know it. You enjoy being in it presence. That’s the spiritual and cosmic bond of a Black Man and a Black Woman in love.

Much Respect!
One Love, One People, One Goal: Black Empowerment

Charles E. Campbell