Monday, December 27, 2010

New Year Resolution vs Small Goals

1 Black African Mans Opinion (1BAMO) - Blogged

New Year Resolutions vs Small Goals

Don't Do it! No More New Year Resolutions. Set Small Goals instead. Spend 30 minutes more a week with your children. Walk for 10 minutes in the AM, reduce your smoking by a pack, reduce your drinking by 1 less night, ready 10 pages of a new book per month. Set easy goals that can be completed and then build on them. New Years Resolutions of those who plan to fail! Don't set yourself up again. Life is too short to tell one more lie. Be inspired and positive, because 2011 will be your year of dreams if you believe, wake up, get up and work like hell to make it happen.

Wisdom from C. Earl Campbell DA 3rd.

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Friday, December 17, 2010

The Value of Poor vs Rich Human Life

BAMO) - Blogged" title="1 Black African Mans Opinion (1BAMO) - Blogged">Anyone who thinks that any society values their poor, except as a cheap labor class and consumer of the products and services should reconsider that perspective? Wars have been fought over Kings and Queen's honor.

The poor, homeless and destitute are often left to die on the streets of this world, while millionaires and billionaires who rightfully earned their money, sip champagne and eat the finest foods, indulge in the greatest pleasures that life has to offer with a care or concern about the needless death of so many.

Should they care? I think so and believe they have a moral and human responsibility to eradicate poverty and help make this world a better place. Aliens who have visited this planet and secretly live here refuse to make contact because they know we are still infants on the Universe Stage. Do we value our humanity? Will we grow up in the 21st Century or is still about the powerful dominating the weak and robbing the poor for their labor and natural resources?

It is the responsibility of the rich and powerful to value the humanity of the the weak. Is a poor human being valued as much as rich human being? The answer is NO! There is however hope for the future. A younger group is becoming richer than every before thanks to technology. Will they do better than the present and previous generation? Time and Alien Visitors will be the judge.

C. Earl Campbell DA 3rd, Author, Innovatior Inventor and Entrepreneur

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

eBook on Reparations on Sale $3.99


Reparations Now! For Black African Americans And Here’s What We Want - eBook by C. Earl Campbell DA 3rd

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COLUMBUS, OH - December 16, 2010 - Author, C. Earl Campbell DA 3rd announces his new eBook, Reparations Now! For Black African Americans And Here’s What We Want is on sale for $6.99 through December 31, 2010 and available as a download to your computer in pdf and ePub formats.

Readers will discover a new 21st Century Strategy for achieving reparations. Gain an understanding of why Black African Americans deserve reparations, in what forms should it be granted and how it will be used. This 21st Century Reparations Strategy seeks money, land, equity, special regulations and a group self-tax. Buy It Now!

This strategy seeks money to be paid over 20 years, land, equity, special regulations and a group self-tax, creates 8 Black National Institutes and establishes a Reparation Commission to serve as the governing body that will manage the implementation process.

Reparations Now! For Black African Americans And Here’s What We Want retails for $9.99 and is now available on sale for $6.99 through the holiday season. Reparations Now! ebook is available world-wide at Store by clicking Buy It Now!

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C. Earl Campbell DA 3rd is an author, App Developer, Inventor, Innovator and Entrepreneur in Columbus, Ohio with a deep love and compassion for the uplift and empowerment of his community, his people and humanity.


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C. Earl Campbell DA 3rd, Author, Innovator, Inventor and Entrepreneur

New Strategy for Black Farmers and Black Americans

Charles E. Campbell, LSW, MSW, Innovator, Inventor and Entrepreneur

The Settlement is Done at last, but the work is just beginning. Black Farmers should be the Backbone of the Black Community. The Black Community must help them create a national processing, manufacturing and retail distribution network for the food grown by them. We also need to create a Peace Corp style Training Program for our young Black Farmers, Business Entrepreneurs and Engineers, that would allow them to spend 1 year working on Black Farms after graduating from College to improve to farming methodologies, food processing, develop new farm equipment, and new products from the crops and live stock grown by Black Farmers.

The settlement is over, let's compete in the marketplace and within the Black Communities where "Food Deserts Exist". I grew up on cotton and catfish farms in the Mississippi Delta, the son of the late Mr. Dudley Allen, Farm Laborer. I can be reached if any Black Farmers, Black Colleges and University Graduates, Black Graduates for White Colleges and Universities or Administrators are interested in implementing this concept nationally. Racism has scared so many for life, but if you believe in self-empowerment and the will of our ancestors, then let's "Put In Work" to ensure their sacrifices will forever be remembered.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

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Charles Campbell, an independent iPhone App Developer based out of Columbus, Ohio began in 2010 for the purpose of creating fun, and entertaining games and productivity apps iPhone and iPad.


Human Beings Not Animals

We must care about our grandfathersand grandmothers, fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, uncles and aunts who are incarcerated. They are human beings too! No mo prison slavery!!!

In the single largest prisoner protest to human rights abuses in this country, prisoners at several Georgia state prisons issued a press release on Dec. 8, 2010, stating their intentions to call ―a peaceful, one day protest,‖ that they were ―striking to press the Georgia Department of Corrections (DOC) to stop treating them like animals and slaves and institute programs that address their basic human rights.‖

Begun on December 9, 2010, the prisoners’ peaceful protest has been historic in scope and in the unity of thousands of black, brown, white, Muslim, Christian, Rastafarian prisoners, including those at Augusta, Baldwin, Calhoun, Hancock, Hays, Macon, Rogers, Smith, Telfair, Valdosta and Ware State Prisons. For five days, now, these men have shut down all activity at most of these facilities.

―Due to the harsh conditions faced behind bars and the need for prison reform, the men are staying in their cells as a form of peaceful protest. No officials or staff have been threatened and no property has been damaged. These men’s requests are reasonable and in accord with the basic respect and treatment every human being deserves,‖ said Elaine Brown, a social activist and former Black Panther Party leader. Brown is spearheading the Concerned Coalition to Respect Prisoners’ Rights.

The prisoners are petitioning the DOC for their human rights, including being paid for their labor, provided educational opportunities, decent health care and nutritional meals, a halt to cruel and unusual punishments, and just parole decisions.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

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In this eBook, readers will followed the reparations strategy and understand why Black African Americans deserve reparations, in what forms should it be granted and how it will be used. This 21st Century Reparations Strategy seeks money, land, equity, special regulations and a group self-tax. Buy It Now!

Money in the amount of 10 Trillion Dollars in cash over 20 years. The cash portion of this payment will be paid over a 20 year period plus an interest rate equal to the interest rate set by the US Federal Reserve. This amount is estimated to be five hundred billion dollars each year for 20 years. Cash is needed to create the economic base for a financial system such as brick and mortar banks, credit unions and financial services companies that will be created through the Black Financial Institute”.

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