Thursday, December 13, 2007

Robert Taylor Got It Right- No Mo Hand Guns!

Blacks Need to Be in the Forefront of the Anti-Gun Movement
If the world was mine to rule, all handguns in the United States of America would be banned and at most I would leave a few closely regulated rifles for hunting. This may be a somewhat radical position but it is an absolutely necessary one – especially for Black America.

The simple fact is that we do virtually nothing with guns but kill one another. The Ku Klux Klan never killed and maimed as many Blacks as Blacks kill and maim one another. In America today, more African Americans are victims of homicides than are victims of AIDS. There is no reason to disbelieve the latest Justice Department figures which show that 90 percent of Blacks killed in this country are killed by other Blacks and in approximately 60 percent of the killings a handgun is used.

When are we going to wake up! Guns do not protect use; they kill us. They turn punks, thugs and the mentally deficient into domestic terrorists spreading fear, mayhem and death. This is fear, mayhem and death in which they simply would not be able to engage if it were not for that gun. How long will America, both Black and white, continue to witness deranged people killing dozens at malls, college campuses and neighborhoods and remain silent about the evil of guns?

We live in the most violent country in the world. No one kills more Americans than other Americans. And although we are only 13 percent of the nation’s population, we account for better that 40 percent of gun deaths. The starting point for attacking this gun culture is a change in attitude. The beliefs that owning a gun makes you a man and is a symbol of freedom is downright psychotic.

Neither manhood nor freedom comes from the barrel of a gun. And we are not talking theory. As a matter of actual fact the only things coming from guns in America today are robberies, burglaries, rapes and murders. And disproportionately we are the victims.

As such, we, as a people interested in survival, should be in the forefront of local and national efforts to ban the ownership of handguns. We must support politicians who will make a stand against the gun lobby. In the 21 century, gun ownership is down right uncivilized.

Do not allow false phrase mongering to destroy the Black race. When someone says “If you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns” tell them they are speaking foolishness. From Canada to a host of European countries, every where guns have been banned both violence and deaths are reduced. Secure, civilized nations are no-gun nations. What can anyone do with an assault rifle but kill innocent people?

The simple fact is that America is neither secure nor civilized and never will be as long as there are between 60 million and 100 million guns floating around this nation.

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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Do MA'AT and Live!

Do MA'AT and Live!

Ma'at is a ancient afro-centric term originating from the fundamental principles of ancient Egyptian Spirituality.

Note: The original name for Egypt was "Kemet" which means "The Black Land" or "Land of The Blacks". After the Greek invasion in 332 B.C.E., the name was then changed to Egypt.
Ma'at is the hightest and oldest form of Kemetic Spirituality. It is the fundamental principle of the divine, natural and social order establish by Ra (God) at the time of creation. Ma'at is that which the Creator loves and requires, and humans love and request. Ma'at is the very essence of the Creator/Creatress. (principle of duality) It is also the basis of the existing relationship between the Creator and the creation. In other words, everything that the Crerator/Creatress is, so are we. We are born with all the essential necessities to become complete human beings according to the requirements of the Crerator.

As Dr. Maulana Karenga suggest: The human nature is endowed by Ra (God) and is essentially good, for it is in his likeness. Therefore, there is no need for religious transformation like conversion or salvation. The divine nature is already there, it simply has to be cultivated through teaching followed by practice. Moreover,then, there is no conception`of original sin or existenial defect as partrayed by Judeo-Christian anthropology. That is to say, one is not born in sin, but in the context of posibility. Therefore offenses to Ra (God), humans (fellow man), and nature can be corrected by teaching and self-corrective practice and do not require confession and conversion, or divine grace to an unworthy and inherently sinful being.

Understanding Ma'at allows us to be able to transend to the highest level of spirituality. One must first "KNOW" who they are in light of their relationship with the Creator/Creatress, and not what someone else has said they are!

In summation the manifestation of Ma'at is partrayed through these seven (7) cardinal virtues: Truth, Justice, Righteousness, Harmony, Balance, Reciprocity, and Order. This should be our acclamated goal. To strive for excellence in all we do so that no fault can be found in our character.

There must be an established common unity between the Creator and the creation. To be truly righteous is to be one with Ra (God) and to share in his spiritual essence. "Know thy self" then you will know the Creator.

Without Ma'at, the world and the universe as we know it will cease to exist. The seven (7) cardinal virtures or principles of Ma'at mentioned above in operation causes everything in the universe to remain in it's proper place. The disruption of any of these principles will result in chaos in the universe as well as our personal lives. Therefore, it is crucial that we understand and implement these principles daily. Let's examine them briefly:

Truth = The supreme reality based on actual facts proven by the presentation of evidence. "Truth is a reality, not a belief system".

Justice = The upholding of righteousness and fair treatment to the highest standard of morality.
And thus, Justice is given to one who does what is loved and punishment is given to one who does what is hated. (The Book of Knowing the Creations)

Righteousness = Living in truth, acting in justices. Life itself can be understood or viewed as motion or movement. It began at birth, and ends at death. One cannot reach the end without a means or vehicle. Thus, righteousness is the vehicle of life with truth as the guide and justice as the steerimg wheel.

Act righteously for the Lord of righteousness whose righteousness is righteousness indeed. When goodness is good it is truly good. Surely righteousness is for eternity. It goes to the grave with those who do it. When they are buried and the earth envelops them, their name is not erased from the face of the earth. They are remembered because of their goodness. For this is a principle established by the word of God. Speak right and do right. For righteousness is mighty. It is great; it endures; its worth is real and it leads one to blessedness. Wrongdoing does not achieve its goal, but one who is righteous reaches dry land. (Book of Khun-Anup VIII)
Harmony = The act of abiding in agreement. Sharing the same interest. A strong sense of togetherness. Another word for harmony is unity.

Balance = A weighing device to determine the weight of one object as oppose to another to establish a equilibrium. Balance is also defined as a state of mental, phychological, or emotional stability. When one experiences difficulties in their lives, the first reaction is to fine someone to blame. The painful reality is that whatever difficulties, problems, or situations that arise in our lives is caused by something we did or did not do which created a imbalance.

Reciprocity = Derives from the word Reciprocal which gives reference to two or more persons or things interchangeable or complementry to each other. Something performed, experienced, or felt by both sides. The ability to give and receive mutually, or for one to take the place of another. Therefore, we can define Reciprocity as "A mutual cooperative relationship.
Order = A process or method by which something takes place. A logical or comprehensible arrangement of something so that proper functioning may be achieved. Like harmony and balance, any disruption of order results in chaos. Order then is proper arrangement.
Ma'at teaches without order, there can be no harmony. Without harmony, there can be on balance. Without balance, there can be no reciprocity. The foundation of these principles are Truth, Justice, and Righteousness.

Live Ma'at, Do Ma'at, Speak Ma'at and the divine blessing of life will overtake you.

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