Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Why Cowards Don't Make Good Leaders For Blacks

Why Cowards Don't Make Good Leaders For Blacks!

I choose not to accept weak leadership from Obama who has made the rich, richer and the poor, poorer during his two terms in office. Me and my people are in the last category. Trump is disruptive to a broken political system, where a brilliant Black man rewarded Black People with speeches and White People with Stimulus investments and laws that protected their rights. He tried to cut funding to HBCUs, did nothing about the mass incarceration and police murdering of Blackmen, Black Youth Unemployment remains over 50%, Black Poverty Increased over the last 7 years, Black School remain segregate both up south and down south.

I know that these facts mean nothing to Black People who love the symbol of a Black President. He simply continued a policy of Ignoring our social and economic problems. That's the state of his leadership and I will never respect a coward who refused to address the suffering of a people who help him get elected president twice.

My Black consciousness requires that I speak truth to power without or greed. What a waste of 7 years. I'm just fearless enough to say what others think and are too afraid to say.  I'm no sheep, not a part of a heard and don't need a shepherd to tell me what to think, what to say, or when to say it. Some of us got be willing to put our ass on the line for Black Folks, like so many others did for us throughout our history in America, if we want the next generation to survive.

When it comes to Black Folks, Trump can't do any worst than Bill Clinton or Obama. I would prefer if Bernie Sanders had the moral courage to run as an Independent for President, but if he doesn't then I'm voting for Trump, because he can't be controlled by the Republican party and would be disruptive to a political process that uses Black People and gives us nothing in return. 

Every Black Person impacted by Clinton Crime Bill and Welfare Reform Bill should not be "With Her"! Obama has no credibility with me as a leader. He is a good politician, but has no moral courage as a leader when it comes to help Black People.

I'm hoping that more Black Men muster the courage to jump in the "Gorilla Cage of America" to save our babies from racist policies, infant mortality, gun violence, poverty, poor education, lack of economic and social opportunities, mass lead poisoning and police shootings of unarmed Black Men. Obama's Legacy is a shame and disgrace to Black People!

When we free our mines, our behinds will follow!
I Unconditional Love Black African People unapologetically and will fight for their rights, justice, freedom and liberation against anyone who seeks to do us harm regardless of their race, political office, religious affiliation, educational or job title.  Because Black Men and Women fought for me. I must pay it forward for the next generations. To less would dishonor the sacrifice and memory of my Ancestors.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Black Manhood Test

             Black Manhood Test

If a 3 Year Old Black African American Child fell into a Gorilla Cage at the Zoo, would you jump into the cage?

Our children are in a Racist Gorilla Cage called America, while Black Men Stand by and observe or wait for someone else to help.

There were once men like Marcus Gravey, Malcolm X, Bill Moss, Jerry Doyle, Rev. Ed Pinkney and others who have jumped into Racist Gorilla Cage of America to save our people.

As a Black Man, if there is nothing you are prepared to risk your life and die for, then you are a coward and unworthy of our love and care.

Black Cowards make excuses and set bad examples for developing Black Boys to follow.

Black People must redefine our leaders by this new definition: "Black Leadership solves our problems without Fear or Excuses".  Require them to sign a pledge and swear an oath! Start every meeting, church service, school day or event by reciting the Black Leaders Pledge!

Honestly, would you have jumped In the Gorilla Cage to save a child, your child, your grandchild, your mother or wife?

Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO
The Quiet Resolution (TQR.Inc)