Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Digital Opportunity For Black African Americans

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New Digital Opportunity For Black African Americans

The development of Digital Products is the greatest wealth generator of the 21st century. For those who have the skills or who can partner with other skilled people globally to develop digital music, eBooks, eNewspapers, eMagazines, iPad Apps and Smartphone Apps, the potential to generate income and wealth is enormous. No matter what field you study or industry you work in, technology will impact it. As an employee, you can either become relevant to your employer or obsolete when technology replaces you. Today, developing countries with cheaper labor make goods and services that Black African Americans have been trained and conditioned to buy. The history of racism and discrimination has stifled and limited our abilities to the point where we produce very little of significance. As Americans turn their attention to the growth of China, they realize that they can’t keep holding a Black Panther down, while watching an uncage and growing Tiger.

Black African American Colleges and Universities must add a new 21st Century empowerment strategy to their focus, by investing resources that teach students and adults how to produce digital products and services that lead to new businesses and entrepreneurial opportunities. It is no longer acceptable and required to graduate Black African Americans who just want a “Good Job”. They have a responsibility to create jobs or their family, friends and communities who didn’t and will not get the opportunity to attend college. The best jobs are the ones we create for ourselves and our communities. When unshackled by 20th century laws, games, barriers and policies that discriminate and destroy our innovators, inventor and entrepreneurs, we will create the next Apple, IBM, GE, Chrysler, Google and Facebook.

Finally, those Black African Americans who have been given the responsibility to continue the legacies of controlling, pimping and maintaining the Black Community in it’s current condition should stop immediately, because when Black African Americans finally wake up from their unconscious dysfunctional coma, induced by the slow and consistent drip of “Religious Novocain “, they will remember what you did to them, their grandparent, parents, children and communities and no good books will endear them to you. Up you mighty race of people, accomplish what you Will, by any digital means necessary.

Charles E. Campbell, Author, Inventor, Innovator, App Developer and Entrepreneur

Friday, January 21, 2011

U. S. States Going Broke

1 Black African Mans Opinion (1BAMO) - Blogged

U. S. States Going Broke

There are other alternatives to states filing bankruptcy, like building a National High Speed Rail Transportation System that transports individual vehicles and would put millions of people back to work. It would also generate the revenue that many states need to jumpstart their economies. In 2009, I proposed such an innovation the President Obama and Secretary Ray LaHood, which was ignored and placed in File 13. Additionally, my renewable energy company Allen Hydro Energy Corporation has proposed a revenue generating strategy that would provide States with hundreds of millions of dollars in new revenue and save millions in energy costs. Many of the leaders I contacted are too busy to respond or have bureaucratic Department of Development Staff who wouldn't know a good idea if it ran them over.

Americans expect leaders, including President Obama, Congress, Governors and Mayors, to stop looking at the next election and take action to solve their problems regardless of who or how they were created.

If states are allowed to go bankrupt, why should they remain apart of this union. The South has a history of rising up and with a Black Man in the White House, it is likely that he would be blamed. If the buck truly stops with him, then it is his responsibility to lead and solve problems. If he continues to ignore innovations that could move this nation forward faster and states go broke, no one can predict the outcome.

My Solution: President Obama should create a Cabinet Secretary of Innovation: That position's responsibility would be to focus on job creation without bureaucracy, innovative ideas and solutions using technology. The Secretary OF Innovation would be responsible for working with each cabinet secretary to identify or create opportunities for businesses, invention, innovation and job creation in every state. The secretary would eliminate the "Pay To Play" process for getting grants and access to federal funding by small individual entrepreneurs and business owners, which currently exist under the Obama Administration. Great ideas and innovations are what made America a leader. Let's not forget our roots.

Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO

Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC)

Sunday, January 09, 2011

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C. Earl Campbell Da 3rd

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Have You Had Enough Of Poor Black African American Leadership?

1 Black African Mans Opinion (1BAMO) - BloggedHave You Had Enough Of Poor Black African American Leadership?

Poor Black Leaderships is the Blame for the conditions in the Black Community, and those of us who continue to accept it. Our preachers, politicians, social, civic and community leaders serve us up to their masters and we remain silent as they help us commit homicide, suicide and mentacide through their none existing or poor leadership. The first solution to this madness is for Black African Americans to redefined leadership as “Results Based”. That means we must identify our own problems and needs and demand that those who lead us, whether elected, appointed or anointed provide solutions immediately, within 30-60 Days.

If they don't or can’t, we must never vote for them, acknowledge them or recognized them as our leaders. My mentor and role model the late William "Bill" Moss exemplified courage in action as a Black Man, and he said in his book “Enough Is Enough”. Enough of the high paid religious, political, nonprofit and social Poverty Pimps in the Black African American Community who refuse to address the needs of the Black Community, even offer solutions. They must be identified, told to change their behavior or made irrelevant.

Our babies are dying, families are homeless, unemployed and suffering while they do nothing but make excuses. The Black Community is in a Depression and we need new and old leadership ready to solve problems, provide innovative solutions, instead of the same old excuses and blame game. If you consider yourself a leader, then lead or get the hell out the way. The mark of insanity in 2011 is to keep the same people as our leaders, doing the same things, with no new ideas or solutions and expecting, hoping, praying that things will get better. You got to be crazy as hell, if that's your mindset. Eventually, things will get better, after all history tells us that, but how bad can you stand it to get before then. What are you personally willing to sacrifice? For some who are unemployed, lost their home and health insurance, on welfare and food stamps and suffering depression, things are already too bad.

The second solutions is for people in your town, neighborhood or community to come together at your local mosque, church, library or recreation center to discuss the skills, talents and ideas that you collectively have. The goal should be to create economic opportunities for yourselves within your community. Focus on products and services to the elderly, young, hospitals, transportation and delivery, cleaning services, music, publishing, healthy foods, technology and renewable energy areas. Plan to Collectively Compete!!!!! Pool your resources to established community cooperatives. Move at the speed of business and think creatively and innovatively. Create something by competing collectively. Where there is a Will, there's A Way, but where there is No Will, there are Excuses and if you really don't want to do something, any excuse will do. For those tired and want take back control of your community and future, I offer respectfully offer my two cents for your consideration.

C. Earl Campbell, DA 3rd -App Developer, Inventor, Innovator and Entrepreneur

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1 Black African Mans Opinion (1BAMO) - Blogged


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