Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Some Black Leaders Should Have Gotten A Bullet

Some Black Leaders Should Have Gotten A Bullet

I want to be very clear! Some Black Leaders should have been killed. Dr. King and Malcolm X would be ashamed of the condition of our people and those who propose to lead us. Those of you who don’t give a dam, or who are feeding off a white supremacy system that continues to systematically destroy Black Afrikan American People as a group, may have a different view of our current condition.

Our current economic, political, social and educational condition is a direct affect of the leadership over the past 35 years. Those political, business, religious, social and community leaders at all levels refused to come together to develop a national agenda for Black People, unless it is an attempt to pimp us with false hope through a “SUMMIT”. They had a gang summit, political summit, economic summit, religious summit, media summit, educational summit, business summit, child welfare summit, criminal justice summit and so on. I personally don’t want hear about another dam summit designed to pacify, emotionalize our intellectuals or inspire those of us seeking serious leadership.

White Supremacy sent a serious message when they killed Dr. King, Fannie Lou Hamer, Malcolm X, Black Panthers Members and so many others who were not well known outside of their communities all over this country. That message was, “Get in line or die”. Black Leadership fell in line at attention and took their orders, which was designed to destroy Black Businesses, Black Children, Black Families and Black Communities. As a reward for their being so effective, they were given jobs as politicians, professors, preachers, pimps and a few crumbs (business contracts) from the white supremacy table.

Look around your city and state and you can see these Negroes all over the place. They normally show up during an election or a crisis in the Black Community, but only when Conscious Black People start to organize. You never see them intervene when they have something to lose. They are there to demonstrate to the their masters that they can control Black People. Leading this false attempt at resolving the issue are Pimping Preachers, who stay in their churches and ignores the suffering of Black People in Black Neighborhoods. Their main goals are larger members and larger churches. These pimps actually compete against each other for women, cars, and members. Attend one of their denomination Summits (Conventions) and watch it live.

Secondly, Pimping Politicians are forced to step up, because they start getting calls to lead. They never have any constructive action plan to empower Black People, other than announcing a plan to have a SUMMIT. Black People should be tied of this foolishness, but we are not. Why? Because there is a serious network of people controlled by the White Wealthy Elite Power Structure that ensure our energies are redirected, misdirected and confused. They have positioned Conservative Thinking Black Republican and Democrats as head of many community organizations, who use their constitution and by-laws to ensure that the organizations take no serious positions to help the community. They are afraid of losing their nonprofit status, which is a trap for Black Organization, which keeps them passive and ineffective. These Black Samboes get involve to create confusing or assume leadership for the purpose of destroying any relevant movement that communities start because of some injustice.

The other strategy is to apply pressure to the group’s individual leaders. Since white people employ most Black People, our leaders run the risk of losing their job, income, home and livelihood. It’s sad, but true! They make serious examples out of those who wanted to be leaders and for those who would follow that person’s leadership. Immediately, Black People’s selfish survival instinct kicks into high gear. They began to make excuses for not attending meeting and never show up, they began talking bad about the efforts of others who are not afraid. Their self-hatred kicks in and they feel ashamed, because their manhood or womanhood was tested and they were too afraid to stand up. Death is the only guarantee once you are born. So, make the transition with your dignity and pride. Remember the immortal words of a Great Afrikan American: “I’d rather be dead and in my grave, before I’ll be a slave”. We were all born to die and living to an old age is over rated. They quality of life for our people should matter. We, Black Afrikan Americans, would rather make our transition, before we'll be educationally, economically, psychologically and mentally enslaved.

So when I examine the condition of Black Afrikan American People, I think that most, but not all, of our current leadership should stand up for Justice, Human Rights, Self Determination, Black Unity, Black Love, Black Economic Empowerment or get out of the way. Or on Dr. Martin L. King Jr.'s Birth, when they all come out of hiding like roaches, I suggest some Nu Mark Spray for them.

Here is one plan of action that I propose:

In 2006, Black Afrikan American Leader of organizations on a local, state and national level should who come together once per month to discuss relevant issues around the collective economic empower and uplift of Black Afrikan American People. Each organization representative should bring $20.00 to the meeting to start a fund to implement the groups’ action plans. Leadership is clear, but BS can be smelled before it’s seen.


One Love, One People, One Goal: Black Empowerment

Charles E. Campbell


http://www.tqrbe.blogspot.com (What I'm working on)

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Christianity: A Racist Program That Black People Self Administer!

Christianity: A Racist Program That Black People Self Administer!

I am about the Uplifting and Empowerment of Black Afrikan American People. Christianity is racists program that Black People Self Administer. It’s a religion that was started in Ethiopia, Afrika and taken over by the Roman Catholic Church. It was used by Whites to enslave Afrikans People. Then they gave it to us during the enslavement process, which keeps today, us as a people bound, powerless, helpless and praying to a white god, who never existed. There is proof in Afrikan that Afrikan Civilizations Existed 10,000 years ago. Using the bible, Christians can only date the Adam and Eve story back 4,000 years. How do you account for the other 6,000 years? You can’t! You are just told to believe an allegory, which is a made up story. The bible is full of stories that have been proven to be false. Pyramids are not built out of mud and straw. Slaves didn’t build the Pyramids in Egypt. Jews were never enslaved in Egypt.

I have nothing against Christians because I was once one, because my mother was one, because her mother was one, because her mother was one, because the enslaver gave her mother the religion, brutalized, raped and abused her all while teaching the enslaved to turn the other cheek like Jesus would do.

We have more Christian Preachers and more churches than we have ever had in this country's history. Why then are we at the top of every negative statistic and at the bottom of every positive statistic. The baptist preachers, on a national, state, county or city refuse to come together and pool their money to open a bank, manufacturing facility, grocery story, or anything. This is what those Pimping Preachers refuse to do.

Here's what they are doing. Stealing from their congregations, going to jail for embezzlement, engaging in homosexual and extramarital relationships with members in their churches, buying jet airplanes for their personal and business use, building mega churches, driving new cars every year, building personal wealth and fortunes that they plan to hand down to the next generation of pimps. All this while support a faith based policies of George Bush that are devastating Poor Black Afrikan American People. For a few crumbs and a photo opportunity. They should be ashamed of themselves, but they are not. They are proud to be Conservative Black Republicans. They are trying to conserve what they personally have and don’t give a dam about Black People as a group. They are quick to tell you to turn your problems over to God, well the next time they want to give themselves another fat raise, you should tell them to pray about it and turn that over to God too.J They will run you out of their church.

There are very Powerful, Wealthy and Elite White People know that Christianity was taken over by the Roman Catholic Church and they know the truth, which allows them to continue to maintain control over this planet, while ensure that those that they abuse, misuse, murder, steal from and mistreat, continue love and give their life for a man who never ever exited. Other than the bible, there is now proof that a man name Jesus ever walked this planet. Like it or not, those are the facts.

Religion is handed down from parents to their children, before their children can read, write or think for themselves. This program starts very young when children are taken to church and program with lies in Sunday School. A Black Liberation Theology is the only programming that makes sense to me. It teaches me a spirituality that connects me to my people’s history, helps me understand Black Afrikan American People's current conditions, how we got there and empowers me to work toward the Liberation and Uplift of my people.

I have no time for that kind for any kind of foolishness that teaches me to pray to an image of my historical enemy, turn the other cheek and wait until I die t o get my pie in the sky. I listen to Dr. Ray Hagins at http://www.wblr.com, because he is teaching those of us who have broken the programming of Jesus Christ, which was created by the Roman Catholic Church, a Black Afrikan Theology that empowers and liberate us. He teaches us how to understand our spirituality and relationship to our creator and how to work toward the liberation of our People. The threat of hell don’t scare me, because I’m living in hell on earth and my battle is with those who are oppressing Black Afrikan People in America and Afrika.

It is never my intention to offend people, therefore those of you who want to hold on to your personal lord and savior Jesus Christ, are welcome to do so. Maybe someday, you will start to THINK for yourself. That's one thing that Christianity does not want Black People to do. If you think, the next logical thing to do is ask questions. Try that one-day and witness a God Fearing, Bible Toating Black Christian put you back in your Christian place of ignorance.

First we must free our minds with truth, then our behinds will follow.

One Love, One People, One Goal: Black Empowerment

Charles E. Campbell, One Black Afrikan Man’s Opinion

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

How to Kill Poor Black Afrikan American People Slowly

This Ain't Not A Joke!

There is a serious attempt to Kill Black Afrikan American People, but it planned to happen Slowly. The Conservative (Racist) Republican Policies and the poor leadership ability of the Liberal Democrats and foolishness that many, but not all of the Congressional Black Caucus, is leading to the total subjugation and death of Poor Black Afrikan American People.

A great man once said that, "Black People have not had enough pain yet, to get organized to economically empower themselves". Well here comes the pain! The new federal budget will lead to the death of millions of Poor Black Afrikan Americans. First let me qualify the definition of Poor Black Afrikan American. You are poor if you have no savings and would be homeless if you missed the next six or less paychecks. You are Black if you are stressed and catching hell for no reason that you can understand and your mother or father is or was Black. You are Afrikan because it is the birthplace of all civilization and the human race. You are American if you were born and live in America and believe that this country is the home of the free and land or the brave.

John Conyers, Democrat for Detroit, MI continues to share the facts with his people. Here is what’s planned for Black Afrikan Americans. But remember it will happen slowly.

Racist Conservatist and Bush are cutting all programs that benefit Poor Afrikan American. They include cuts in Medicaid of 11.9 billion dollars. Black People will die slowly from poor or no medical care.

They are cutting Food Stamp Program of 844 million dollars. Black People will starve to death slowly. The crime and incarceration rates will skyrocket, due to people fighting to survive by any means necessary.

They are cutting Child Care Assistance. No childcare, no work, no work, no public assistance with rent, food and utilities. However they will take Black Children from their parents because of their lack of economic resources. As a result of this stress, abuse, addiction, abandonment and death of Black Children will occur, but slowly.

They are cutting Child Support Enforcement Programs by 4.3 billion dollars. What happens when poor people can't afford or refuse to take care of their children? That's right! Lack of adequate food, shelter and clothing leads to greater infant mortality. A slow death!

They are cutting Education by 14.3 billion dollars. If you are Black and Poor, don't plan of the government helping your child attend college. It won't happen! If you can't afford a college education, you better make sure your child learns a trade before they graduate. If you don't, you better plan top take care of them for the rest of your life.

This is the saddest of all, especially for all the flag waving proud Americans. Bush and the Boys are cutting Veterans Health Care by more than 600 million dollars from the Department of Veteran Affairs. All while still fighting an illegal, immoral and unjust war! But remember your history Black Afrikan Americans, who got shafted after WWI, WWII, Vietnam, Korea, and Desert Storm. Black Afrikan Americans! White People in many of these VA Hospitals will make sure that White Veterans find the loop holds, while ensuring that you suffer and die slowly. After that they'll bury you and give yo momma a flag.

Black Afrikan Americans better wake up. Oh! I a Black Sambo Politicians decides that we should take some action and propose another march anywhere; shot him or her in their foot, literally! Pain and death has been systematically planned for a race of people who are an obsolete labor forces and consumer group. The New Black Codes and Bush Crow Era are in full affect!

To anyone involved in a serious effort for the Liberation and Empowerment of Black Afrikan Americans, you are not crazy. The NSA is and will continue to bug your telephone, cell phone and email. Bush said it after it was exposed that he authorized Dr. Condie Rice to do it and like a good little Sambo, she did it. The US Constitution is not worth the paper it was written on. Poor Black Afrikan Americans could make better use for it in their Outhouses.

I welcome all feedback, even for the conservatives, I mean racist religious right and those satisfied samboes. My friends and enemies are welcome to email me too.


One Love, One People, One Goal: Black Empowerment
Charles E. Campbell

My Email:wbsbpd88@worldnet.att.net

Sunday, December 18, 2005

HBCUs Need A New Empowerment Black Education Agenda

A New Black Afrikan American Education Agenda That Empowers Us


Charles E. Campbell, BSW, MSW, LSW

I must first acknowledge the efforts of our ancestors and those currently involved in the struggle to liberate the minds and behinds of Black Afrikan People in America, Afrika and the World. I am a graduate of Jackson State University, Jackson, MS 1990 and Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio 1992 with degrees in Social Work. I am an entrepreneur, working to develop innovative products and services that I can manufacture and sell for profit. My company is developing an innovative transportation system concept, entertainment and arts products, social service programs, a new energy system concept, consumer safety products and new computer technologies.

My conscious allows me to understand my history before the enslavement process, the horror of the middle passage, the brutality by White People upon my ancestors. I am keenly aware of the social and political games and policies that have been and are being used by both political parties to help maintain Black Afrikan American in their current conditions.

As a result of being exposed to the truth, I have learned to love my people, Afrika and myself. I was exposed to many truths through the teachings, writings and lectures of Dr. Carter G. Woodson, Dr. W. E. B. DuBois, Fredrick Douglas, Chancellor Williams, Paul Robeson, Pastor Ray Hagins, Dr. Claud Andersons, Marcus M. Garvey, Dr. John Henrik Clark, Dr. Asa Hilliard, Dr. Maulana Karenga, Mba Mbulu, Dr. Yosef ben Jochannan, Malcolm X, Dr. Martin L. King, Charles Finch, Professor James Small, Drs. Rosalind and Leonard Jeffries, Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu, Kamau Kambon, Amos N. Wilson, William (Bill) Moss, Dr. Alvin Poussant, Lerone Bennett, Jr., Dr. Molefi K. Asante, James Baldwin, Dr. Cornel West, Dr. Ivan Sertima, Richard Wright, Oba T’shaka, Langston Hughes, Gyasi A. Foluke, Neely Fuller Jr. and many, many others. These are some of our brightest thinkers and intellectuals who have written, lectured and provided the information that should be taught by HBCUs to systematically create millions of Conscious Black Afrikan Students. All of our children must be systematically exposed to their research, lectures and teachings starting at preschools and continuing through high schools, but especially at Historical Black Colleges and Universities. Why? The answer is simple! When you love yourself and your people, you will engage in that behavior, which uplifts and empowers them.

The Problem with HBCUs

Many HBCUs have been historically under-funded and have suffered from a lack of a serious Black Empowerment Agenda for their students. They have failed to program into their students and alumni a sense of collective Black Unity and Purpose. If this were implemented successfully, it would enable many of us to financially support them.

The Analysis

On every HBCU Campus, exist future inventors and creative geniuses like Imhotep, Dr. George Washington Carver, Elijah McCoy, Garret Morgan, Jan E. Mazeliger, Grandville T. Woods, Donald Cotton, Dr. Charles Drew, Benjamin Banneker, Lonnie Johnson and many others.

A Great Black Afrikan once said, “It is foolish for Black Afrikan American People to allow their historically oppressors (White People) to educate their Children and expect them to educate them sufficiently enough, to complete against White Children for jobs, wealth and power in a capitalistic society in which they want to maintain control.” The failure of Black Afrikan People was and is systematically planned, implemented and maintained. If you examine your community today, you would see the results of those plans. The current educational agenda at many HBCUs was established, approved or under funded by whites people. That’s why HBCUs have only a few Medical Schools, Law School, Engineering School and MBA Schools. Our education system must serve to empower and uplift the masses of Black Afrikan American People. HBCUs must begin to prepare their students to help their people compete in a global economy.

We must regain control over the education of our children and set a new agenda that seeks to uplift and empowerment them. We are the most innovative and creative people on this planet. We have everything we need to change our present conditions and prepare for a new future. Our method of education must be redesigned, especially on an elementary, high school and collegiate level. It must create conscious Black Students who understand their history, culture and the needs of their people. They must be given skills and a mentality of self-love and self-empowerment.

The Solution

What I propose is a New Empowerment Agenda for HBCUs that will allow them to harness and focus the collective energy and efforts of their Black Afrikan Students toward self-love, self-uplift and self-empowerment. As a result, their students and Black Afrikan American Community help them become more financially stable. HBCUs Students must focus on creating businesses that employ our people, rather than graduating and becoming a part of the labor force.

HBCUs must create the condition and environment that allow students to develop new products and services that lead to professional, manufacturing and business opportunities that they own and control. This strategy should include the collaboration between HBCUs through Partnership Agreements, which will allow their students and professors to share equipment and technology that benefits each university. Some of our Black Universities have people with ideas, but no equipment or capital to develop the ideas.

HBCUs must systematically teach Black Afrikan Students to love themselves by exposing them to many of the teachings of the Great Black Afrikan Thinkers. They must be taught to work together for the empowerment of each other. This process can only be achieved through creating Conscious Black Afrikan American Students who understand their history, culture and purpose.

HBCUs must shift their focus from graduating students seeking employment, to students creating employment opportunities for themselves, their communities and people. Students must have the opportunity to help their universities generate wealth through entrepreneurship. HBCUs must create business agreement with their participating students that offer a 50/50 Student Partnership Agreement, whereby the profits from any product or service developed at their university will be shared equally. This will provide students with a financial incentive to develop new products and service ideas.

Students must focus their knowledge toward the design, manufacturing, financial accounting, management, marketing, promoting, advertising, distribution and selling of products and services first to Black Afrikan People in America, in Afrika and then the World. Our leadership at HBCUs and every department head should work with students majoring in Arts and Science, Business and Industry, Education, International Studies, Entrepreneurship, Black Afrikan Studies, Computer Science and Technology must all be required to participate on “Entrepreneurial Teams” (ETs). These Entrepreneurial Teams must work together on projects together to produce new products and services. Any student who has an idea or concepts for a product or services should participate on these Entrepreneurial Teams, in addition to students majoring in those fields. Students majoring in Communication, English, History, Education, Drama must focus on creating consumer products like music, radio program, plays, books, screenplays, television programs, food products, games and other consumer products. Social Worker and Criminal Justice Majors must create new social services programs for our elderly, juveniles and adults released from prisons and children in foster care. Our science, engineering and chemistry majors must focus on creating new drugs, toys, soaps, lotions, medicines, new energy, transportation, communication, construction materials for housing and prepare for living and working in outer space. HBCU Students must focus on the development of Afrikan Countries and their resources for the benefit of Afrikan People.


Okay, that all sounds good, but how would it be funded? To generate venture capital funding for this New HBCU Education Agenda, alumni, students, faculty and Conscious Black People must be given the opportunity to invest $5.00 per month with those HBCUs who implement this new agenda. Their goal should be to target 10,000 Black Afrikan People. When this goal is reached, the Venture Capital Fund would generate $50,000 per month or $600,000 per year. Every student should be assessed an additional $60.00 per year with the clear understanding that those funds will be used to fund Entrepreneurial Team. If HBCUs work together, then collectively it can be achieved must faster. This new agenda would represent a radical shift in the thinking of some of our HBCU Leadership, administrators, faculty and students.


I have outlined a strategy for Black Empowerment in the area of Higher Education that should be implemented in January 2006. Every HBCU President, administrator, faculty and student, should implement this New HBCU Empowerment Agenda. Many Conscious Black Afrikan Americans would financially support such an agenda, if adopted by our leadership. Where there is a will, there is a way, but where there is no will, there are excuses. Anytime a HBCU President truly wants to achieve something, they will find a way. However, when they don’t want to achieve something, they will find an excuse. Reality should not be used as an excuse for not trying. Our history has been the ability to make a way out of no way. Let’s ignite the wildfire of our collective creativity and unity.

I have heard the predictions of many of our great thinkers and witness the growing problems in Black Afrikan American Communities. This is one solutions offered to empower and uplift our people.

I have also written The Quiet Resolution (TQR), which is based upon the writings of Dr. Carter G. Woodson, Marcus M. Garvey, Dr. Claud Anderson and many others great thinkers. You can read it at my Web Blog at http://www.tqrbe.blogspot.com. It includes a role for those Conscious Black Afrikan People who understand the conditions of our people and want to support a national empowerment and liberation agenda. You can email me at wbsbpd88@worldnet.att.net and request a free copy of The Quiet Resolution (TQR) by email. I would welcome and enjoy your feedback, critical analysis and suggestion for improving it TQR.

Please forward this email to everyone your know. We must demand that our leaders work for our uplift and empowerment or get out of the way.

Asa' & Respect!

One Love, One People, One Goal: Black Empowerment

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Morgan Freeman's Foolish Comments

December 17, 2005

Dear Morgan Freeman and Others:

Morgan Freeman's comments about Black History were FOOLISH! He doesn't understand why Negro History Week was started by Dr. Cater G. Woodson, which was later changed to Black History Month. I agree with his statement that Black History is American History because absolutely nothing has ever occurred in this country that Black People didn't directly or indirectly cause.

Morgan Freeman should spend more time in Tallahatchie County, Mississippi where he is from. Poverty there is bad and getting worst. White Conservatist Racist understand that Black Children need role models and they learn about those people specifically one month out of the year and many white and black teachers do a poor job at discussing true Black Afrikan History in America, Afrika and around the world. I'm from Tallahatchie County and Morgan Freeman opened a restaurant in Clarksdale, MS, Coahoma County. There are only two libraries in the entire County Eastside of Tallahatchie County Charleston, MS and Westside of Tallahatchie County Tutwiler, MS. The county has underfunded the Westside library and is planning to close it. Do something about that Morgan Freeman? If you want to make a difference or need a tax write-off! They’re over 400 children in that town with nothing to do and now they are taking away their library. What planet are you living on Mr. Freeman? You are clearly out of touch with the masses of Black Afrikan Americans who are hurting in this country.

So before you get on National TV talking about eliminating Black History Month, help to replace it with an educational system that Helps Black Afrikan American Children have PRIDE in themselves, economically EMPOWER themselves and to LOVE themselves.

Look at that state of Black Afrikan Children in America. They are killing that which they have not been taught to love, protect, have pride in or respect. "Themselves and Their Community" They should thank people like you, who were a part of the Civil Rights Movement who allow this situation to happen. Replace Back History Month with something better, and then we can get rid of what already exist. Make a movie about that! I challenge you!

One Love, One People, One Goal: Black Empowerment

Charles E. Campbell, Graduate of West Tallahatchie High School Class of 1985
Jackson State University BSW 1990
Ohio State University MSW 1992
President & CEO of Worldwide Business Solutions, Inc.

Email: wbsbpd88@worldnet.att.net
http://wbsinccd.tripod.com For Black Mayor's Only