Monday, April 10, 2006

Dr. King's Children's Inappropriate Behavior

Dr. King’s Children’s Inappropriate Behavior

I am truly grateful for the struggle that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. waged on the behalf of Black Afrikan People. I was born in the Mississippi Delta and benefited from his struggle. Because he was, I am. I will always respect him. He gave his life for what he believed. Only a few Committed Black Afrikan Leaders have embraced that quality. New Black Afrikan American Leadership must embrace a philosophy that empowers us to fight for the liberation and empowerment of our people and if we make our transition (death), as Dr. King did or in the manner in which Rosa Parks did, then both are equally welcomed. Liberation and Empowerment of Black Afrikans People or death should be the new battle cry of Black Afrikan American Leadership.

I was listening to a local religious show, where a taped message of the Honorable Minister Farrakhan was being aired on Sat. April 1, 2006, in Columbus, Ohio on WVKO AM Radio. Minister Farrakhan made a statement that sadden me and cause me to critically think. He stated that after the death of Coretta Scott King, the late wife of Dr. King, the King Children invited four White American Presidents to her funeral. He went on to state that he noticed that Harry Belafonte, a long time close and personal family friend of the King Family was not there. He stated that he spoke with Mr. Belafonte sometime later and Mr. Belafonte explained that the King Children had someone representing them to contact him and disinvited him to speak, stating that a mistake had been made. That person told Mr. Belafonte that he could still attend the funeral, but he would not be allowed to speak. Therefore, he chose not to come and this hurt him tremendously.

According to Minister Farrakhan, it was Harry Belafonte who, after Dr. King was murdered, who helped raise funds to pay off the Kings House and consistently sent the family money. He went on to say that the children knew him as their “Uncle Harry”, because of his generous financial support. At that point, I got angry and feel hurt, almost as if I felt they had insulted and disrespected Black Afrikan People. Mr. Belafonte who is a critic of the illegal Iraq War and he has publically criticized Bush for his neglect of Black People. No motive was given by Minister Farrakhan for their decision to disinvite Mr. Belafonte to speak, but it was disrespectful of Dr. King’s Children, who wanted to be in the presence of those four white men, who would not otherwise give them the time of day. In return for this honor for their mother, they disrespected a man who is partly responsible for their maintaining a stable family after Dr. King’s death.

I have always admired and respected Mr. Belafonte on and off the big screen. In light of the infighting, the sell of the King Center to the government and the lack of leadership ability that I’ve seen, the King Children's their behavior does not surprise me. They demonstrate that leadership abilities cannot be inherited. These presidents have done nothing significant to improve the conditions of Black Afrikan People in America.

It is my personal opinion that Dr. King’s Children are not fit to lead a parade in their own father’s honor, if this is true. They have allowed their mother’s death to show their true nature. I do not plan to give them the respect that is due to their father. Harry Belafonte is a Conscious Race Man, who stands against injustice and corrupt leaders, whose policies are a seriously hurting Black Afrikan American People or maintaining them in the conditions in which they currently exist.

Immigrants are protesting and demanding their rights to citizenship. How ironic? The anniversary of the Murder of Dr. King by this government, and not one of those four white men who were invited to speak have considered reopening the investigation of this government’s hand in Dr. King’s murder. Many of the rights that Dr. King fought for are being challenged and eliminated. The Voting Rights Law, was a compromise, which only requires Black Afrikan Americans and their descendants voting rights be renewed every 25 years. That is A DAM SHAME! Immigrants, upon receiving their citizenship never will have their any of their rights renewed. If Dr. King’s Children are truly their father’s children, they should try to complete their father’s unfinished business. The King Family Bloodline is no more than genetics. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would be ashamed of your inappropriate behavior.

Much Respect to Mr. Harry Belafonte,

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Charles E. Campbell