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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Why Cowards Don't Make Good Leaders For Blacks

Why Cowards Don't Make Good Leaders For Blacks!

I choose not to accept weak leadership from Obama who has made the rich, richer and the poor, poorer during his two terms in office. Me and my people are in the last category. Trump is disruptive to a broken political system, where a brilliant Black man rewarded Black People with speeches and White People with Stimulus investments and laws that protected their rights. He tried to cut funding to HBCUs, did nothing about the mass incarceration and police murdering of Blackmen, Black Youth Unemployment remains over 50%, Black Poverty Increased over the last 7 years, Black School remain segregate both up south and down south.

I know that these facts mean nothing to Black People who love the symbol of a Black President. He simply continued a policy of Ignoring our social and economic problems. That's the state of his leadership and I will never respect a coward who refused to address the suffering of a people who help him get elected president twice.

My Black consciousness requires that I speak truth to power without or greed. What a waste of 7 years. I'm just fearless enough to say what others think and are too afraid to say.  I'm no sheep, not a part of a heard and don't need a shepherd to tell me what to think, what to say, or when to say it. Some of us got be willing to put our ass on the line for Black Folks, like so many others did for us throughout our history in America, if we want the next generation to survive.

When it comes to Black Folks, Trump can't do any worst than Bill Clinton or Obama. I would prefer if Bernie Sanders had the moral courage to run as an Independent for President, but if he doesn't then I'm voting for Trump, because he can't be controlled by the Republican party and would be disruptive to a political process that uses Black People and gives us nothing in return. 

Every Black Person impacted by Clinton Crime Bill and Welfare Reform Bill should not be "With Her"! Obama has no credibility with me as a leader. He is a good politician, but has no moral courage as a leader when it comes to help Black People.

I'm hoping that more Black Men muster the courage to jump in the "Gorilla Cage of America" to save our babies from racist policies, infant mortality, gun violence, poverty, poor education, lack of economic and social opportunities, mass lead poisoning and police shootings of unarmed Black Men. Obama's Legacy is a shame and disgrace to Black People!

When we free our mines, our behinds will follow!
I Unconditional Love Black African People unapologetically and will fight for their rights, justice, freedom and liberation against anyone who seeks to do us harm regardless of their race, political office, religious affiliation, educational or job title.  Because Black Men and Women fought for me. I must pay it forward for the next generations. To less would dishonor the sacrifice and memory of my Ancestors.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Black Manhood Test

             Black Manhood Test

If a 3 Year Old Black African American Child fell into a Gorilla Cage at the Zoo, would you jump into the cage?

Our children are in a Racist Gorilla Cage called America, while Black Men Stand by and observe or wait for someone else to help.

There were once men like Marcus Gravey, Malcolm X, Bill Moss, Jerry Doyle, Rev. Ed Pinkney and others who have jumped into Racist Gorilla Cage of America to save our people.

As a Black Man, if there is nothing you are prepared to risk your life and die for, then you are a coward and unworthy of our love and care.

Black Cowards make excuses and set bad examples for developing Black Boys to follow.

Black People must redefine our leaders by this new definition: "Black Leadership solves our problems without Fear or Excuses".  Require them to sign a pledge and swear an oath! Start every meeting, church service, school day or event by reciting the Black Leaders Pledge!

Honestly, would you have jumped In the Gorilla Cage to save a child, your child, your grandchild, your mother or wife?

Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO
The Quiet Resolution (TQR.Inc)

Monday, February 08, 2016

Flint Children
Is President Obama Accountable For Not Doing Anything To help Flint Residents in 2014?

In 2014, the Obama Administration was contacted weekly by Flint City Councilman Wantwaz Davis.  This is now 2016! What did the Obama Administration know and when did they know?  The news media is refusing to hold the President accountable for stopping the poisoning of a community with of majority Black African American Population. Why? 
Many Blacks have a deep need to make excuses for the President's Poor Leadership when it comes to issues related to Black African American People.  I bet, if it was their parents, grandparents, or children drinking water with lead and other harmful chemicals, they would not be so quick to allow this issue to be swept under the rug.  Where is “Black Lives Matter”?  They are silent on this issues, why? I have not seen the usual suspect rush to Flint (Jesse, Al, Marc, Minister, Cornell) for the cameras.

Flint's Mayor's Voice Mail is full to ensure that no one can reach her office. That is a mark of poor leadership.  If Mr. Davis raised this issue, in 2014, what did the Mayor know, when did she know and what did she do about it?  She is saying that it will cost $1.5 Billion Dollars to repair the problems in Flint.  I believe it can be done for less than $100 Million Dollars and completed within 6 months and I have tried to contact the Mayor's office without a response.  I suspect that greed is involved in this process and that the people in Flint are ponds in a game designed to enrich lots of people waiting at the trough of $1.5 Billion Dollars. Shame!

Whether its Ferguson, Missouri, where municipalities were allowed to oppress and target Blacks with traffic stops and impose outrageous fines and fees, or Benton Harbor, MI where Rev. Ed. Pinkney was unfairly lynched by a corrupt group of elected officials and judges, mass incarceration of Blacks, crisis level national shooting of unarmed Blacks by Racist Cops and refusal to file charges by racist prosecutors or no help with foreclose relief, President Obama has intentionally Neglected Black African Americans and we still love him for that.  So why should Whites have any obligation to address and solve the issues of Black African Americans when we will reward them with our political support, admiration and love regardless.  Sound like Brainwashed Behavior to me.
A race that does not have the moral courage to protect it's children from drinking poison or being murdered like dogs, has no respect and deserves none from any other race.  Black Politicians, Pimps, Preachers and Lawyers all share common traits and skills that allow them to manipulate lots of Black People for their own personal gain and profit, while offering nothing of substance in return. Many of them lack the morale courage to stand up, are easily corruptible and are just plain cowards.  Know them by their action or lack thereof.

When White America enters a Recession, Black African Americans enter a Depression.  The Economic Recovery has not trickled down to Blacks just yet and if the prediction of another White Recession due to China's Economy Slow Down, then Blacks could be on the verge of more suffering.  That will be the legacy of the first Bi-Racial President of America.  The world will view him through the lens of what he did or did not do to address the suffering of Black African Americans, who helped him out of Chicago to The White House.  Black African Americans got lots of Hope, but No Change! We were pimped and hustled at the highest political level. 

Former Attorney General Eric Holder ignored Councilman Davis request for help and finally asked him to contact Michigan State Police, but took no action to protect the people of Flint. The President took a sworn oath to protect All White Citizens from their enemies, both foreign and domestic. Too bad, that oath did not apply to Black African Americans. The National Media will continue to cover up the truth about President Obama’s Administration’s Role in allowing Flint Residence to suffer and die, while ignoring their cries for help. I have no respect for anyone who places politics above human life and suffering and as a Race Man, I don’t care what office, religion or position her or she holds.

Solution: The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc) is a corporation create based a National Black Empowerment Plan specifically for the uplift and empowerment of Black African Americans by allowing us to compete in the marketplace. Download a Free Copy today and support the efforts by donating $20 per Month toward it's implementation.


Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO
The Quiet Resolution, (TQR., inc)

Friday, December 11, 2015

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Sunday, October 25, 2015

American Gun Violence Solution Discussion

NonLethal Bullets
American Gun Violence Solution Discussion

Charles E. Campbell, Vice Chair
DeVry UniversityStudent Online Association

Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO
Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC)
7108 Bennell Drive
Reynoldsburg, Ohio USA 43068

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Three Fire Fighters Died Today Unnecessarily


Dear President Obama and State Governors:
CC: Presidential Candidates
3 Firefighters killed in Washington State Wildfire
How many more Fire Fighters have to die before your administration stop ignoring my Rain Maker Proposal? Why is the media refusing to discuss my efforts to get the Rain Maker Proposal Implemented? What did you know, when did your know it and what did you do about it? If the ultimate accountability lies with you as Commander In Chief, why are you allowing Fire Fighters to lose their lives needlessly. I'm offering State Governors and The Federal Government the Rain Maker. Just because I am a Black African American Inventor and Entrepreneur, that should not prevent the Federal and State Governments for working with me to implement the Rain Maker Wildfire Solution.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Rain Maker

Rain Maker offers a solution to Wild Fires. 614-668-0327

Monday, July 27, 2015

Little Shrunken Sings The Blues

Whenever you are feeling down because others people get on your last nerve and prayer won't do, play this for inspiration. LOL

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Dr. E--Struggle is Real

Black Women will you lead us? Black Men are too afraid to die for you, their children or themselves.  The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc,) offer a plan.  It requires your courage and support.

 Charles E. Campbell​

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Is It A Conspiracy?


Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC) has a US Patent # 8,400,007 B2 entitle "Hydroelectric Power System" issued on Mar. 19, 2013 for a new type of large-scale hydro power plant designed inside 70-Story Buildings capable of solving Climate Change.  Despite AHEC's ability to create 10,000 manufacturing jobs in the US, The Obama Administration (The White House, DOD, DOE, EPA & DOC) refuses to communicate with its Founder & CEO. Maybe the next President Of The United States will be open to Black African American Innovators offering solutions.

AHEC's Power Plant Technology offer a win-win-win solution for nations, their people and the planet, so what's the problems?  Could the Obama Administration be opposed to too much wealth in the hands of one Black African American Entrepreneur? You be the judge and ask your elected congress person, if they know about AHEC's Climate Change Solution. This disruptive technology is to DIE for!    We can and must compete without Fear Of Our Own Government or Greed!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Massacre In South Carolina

1 Black African Mans Opinion (1BAMO) - Blogged

                                                   Massacre In South Carolina

Black African Americans need a National Black African American Empowerment Plan more than ever now in 2015. There are three that I am aware of. 1. The Harvest Institute's PowerNomics 2. The Nation Of Islam's Empowerment Plan 3. The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc.) The third plan was created by me and was and is available at for free download. Our problems are so enormous, I recommend that Black African Americans support all three.... We need a plan that seeks to uplift and empower us economically, socially, politically, educationally and most importantly securely.

Those of us who consider ourselves conscious can't seem to get over our own egos to work together, so why should other Black Folks trust us to help them? We don't need no more arm chair revolutionaries, internet profits, pimping preachers, rap and clap conferences or politicians who have no solutions to our problems or a history of doing anything to change the conditions of our people. We are a People of cowards, who wouldn't think twice about harming each other, but are too afraid to pool our resources, trust each other and work for the uplift and empowerment of the people we say we love.

I have little patience for cowards who want to hide in fraternities and sororities meeting, churches, and social clubs, hiding behind their non-profit status as an excuse not to stand up for our people. No other race of people will ever respect Black Men and Women who want protect, uplift and empower themselves, their children and elderly. What happen in South Carolina was a tragedy, but without solutions to what is clearly a national race problem get ready for similar incidents. Under the Obama Administration, a tone was set with his response to race in this country with a Beer Summit. He could have proposed new legislation to address race, racism, racist laws and policies and reparations. Our Government has a role to play in changing racist policies because it has played a major role in creating and maintaining racist laws and policies that negatively impact Black African American People.

Recommendation For President Obama: Sign an Executive Order to collect data and make it public on every law and its impact by race and any local, county or state law that this is disproportionally impacting one or more groups based on their population should be amended or appealed.

Recommendation For Black African Americans: Demand A Comprehensive National Black Empowerment Plan to seeks to uplift and empower ourselves.

Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO
The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc.)
Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC)
7108 Bennell Drive
Reynoldsburg, Ohio USA 43068

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Petition 4 Power App Breaking News

Petition 4 Power - A Poltical App