Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The NAACP Funeral For The Word nigger

Nigger Ain't Dead, So Stop Trying To Bury It

The disconnection between young adults who use the word nigger and those of us who understand the real intent of that word is great. They have no understanding of the real history behind that word. The NAACP at their national meeting in Detroit, MI, would have made better use of their borrowed dollars by creating a national campaign to education young adults about the hurt behind that word nigger and suggesting alternative words to replace it.

Let's be real! Black People continue to suffer from Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome and we don't even know it. Our leadership is pimping us at every level from the church pulpits to the seats of power at every level of political office. The NAACP is in my cross hairs because they had the nerve to spend time, money and energy during their National Meeting sponsoring a silly funeral for the word nigger and get this, they used Black Roses. That's an example of PTSS and a form of self-hatred. Why not white roses? I recommend that the entire NAACP Board be replaced and the leadership in the organization resign. If the conditions of Black Afrikan People living in America is any indication of Black Leadership, then we would be better off without it.

Let me say that Black Religious Institutions, Social Organizations, Professional Organizations and Business Leaders are not doing much to address the suffering of Black People either. We are too busy being busy. The majority of our Black Institutions were created in the early 20th Century with programs to uplift and empower us. We are in the 21st Century and many of their program have not changed and the generations who benefited from the gains of the 60s and 70s are retiring and have shut the door. We are locked in the Matrix and don't even know it.

Some of our young adults may cause us pain and hurt because they use words that still resonate with some of us, but many of them are hurting themselves and they are angry because they see our foolishness and inappropriate behavior. Until we start to respect, protect, educate and empower them, they are well within their rights to define their generation and it's language, relationships and music.

I personally do not agree with the use of the word nigger and will try to explain to young adults the pain behind those words, if they will listen. Yet, I recognize that they don't care about what I think, until I show them how much I care about them. Life is not easy for our young adults and we are doing nothing to empower them systematically. Majority Black Schools are failing, drugs is the primary economic development that offers them opportunity based on their abilities to work and their parents are too busy surviving to parent.

I have a message to those of you who sit in your churches, on your jobs, in your homes, running businesses, leading organizations and doing absolutely nothing for Black Afrikan American People. You's a nigger! And Ain't no fake funeral gon' bury the word, if you don't change your that inappropriate behavior.

To read The Quiet Resolution (TQR) a national Black Empowerment Plan written by me, send an email to: wbsbpd88@hotmail.com Subject: TQR Request

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