Sunday, December 25, 2011

My Obama Blues Youtube Video

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Merry Christmas and Have a Happy New Year!

Please check out my new video entitled Obama Blues on Youtube

The Obama Blues Song is For Sale for $1.99

Please share this video with your fans, friends and family.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Plan Proposes To Address Corporate Greed Globally

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Plan Proposes To Address Corporate Greed Globally:

Let's develop a campaign to get Corporations to Voluntarily donate 25% of their annual profits to a local school, charity or nonprofit of their choice. For those who refuse, we stop buying their goods and services. When their profits drop by 25%, they will get on board. We can become the first Nation to show support for an innovative idea that could have the greatest impact on the world by reducing corporate greed in a way that is fair to all. 99% Proposes the 25% Plan. A Win-Win Solution 4 All. Spread The Word of this Plan. Leadership solves problems without excuses!

Charles E. Campbell

True Leadership

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True Leadership:

Leadership solved problems without excuses. When Pres. Obama came into office he was given over 700 Billion Dollars in Stimulus, his party had control of the House and Senate and he blew it. True leadership would have implement a National WPA employment strategy. True leadership would have built a national high speed rail transportation system, True leadership would have issue and executive order creating a two year moratorium on home foreclosures. True leadership would have allow "Too Big To Fail Banks" to fail. True leadership would have ended Bush Wars and used the money to eliminate college tuition for 4 years. True leadership would have create regional retraining centers that retrained the unemployed while they received unemployment compensation. Shall I go on?

True leadership would have ensured that every child had the same quality of buildings, technology, teachers, assistance, after school meals and extra exposure activities, clubs, group & learning environment. True leadership would have not engaged in Solyndar Style Pay-To-Play deals. True leadership would have ensure that results be provided in exchange for stimulus funding . Maybe I should stop here! Naw! To help someone of us understand what true leader is capable of, I'll add just a few more examples. True leadership would have created a cabinet level position "Secretary of Innovation" which would have been a direct link to the American People to eliminate the red tape and barriers to job creation. True leadership would have reformed all entitlement, except social security and disability insurance, in a way help moved able body individuals to self sufficiency, while maintaining a strong stafety net to ensure no American is hungry, homeless or without their basic needs. True leadership solves problems without excuses. (Monuments of Nothingness, Tools of Incompetence)

I could go on, but I've made my point.

Charles E. Campbell
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Saturday, December 17, 2011

My 2 New Christmas Song For Sale $0.99

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Dear Friends, Family, Fraternity Brothers and Associates

Three of my Songs are for sale on Facebook through

1. 12 Abusive Days of Xmas $.99 (A remake of the 12 Days of Christmas)

2. DA Grinch Dat Stole Christmas $.99 (A funny Story About The Grinch Beating Up Santa Claus and Stealing Christmas)

3. Dem Boyz Dem Boyz We Wear No Shirts $.99 (A Hip-Hop Song About Dem Boyz)

The entire Album of three songs can be purchased for $4.99 - Less than Fast Food Meal to support a Friend, Frat Brother and Family Member

If you choose not to buy a song, please forward this to your email list, Facebook and other social network Friends. Your support would mean a lot this holiday.


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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

AHEC Is Positioned For Explosive Growth!

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AHEC Is Positioned For Explosive Growth!

Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC) has begun a program to seek strategic accredited corporate partners for its capital formation agenda. AHEC will construct, test and validate a 7 foot scale model of its 70 Story Hydroelectric Generating Building and technology. Solar Panels were added to the technology to power rechargeable batteries that will supply energy to operate the larger hydro pumps that return the used water back to the large water storage tank.

Potential strategic corporate partner should contact David Van Vort, Investment Banking Director at Capital Group Advisors (786) 277-3484 or Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO AHEC at 614-755-4846 to discuss the future revenue potential that this technology might develop.

Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO

Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Solution To Corporate Greed Petition

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Dear Friends, Occupy Wall Street and American Corporations and 1%ers:

I just created a petition entitled American Corporations Using Capitalism To Mask Greed: They should voluntarily change their By-Laws to require that 25% of their profits be donated to address social & educational issues. I, along with Occupy Wall Street, care deeply about this very important issue. This would be one way for Corporations to show the 99% that they are willing to self correct their greedy behavior.

I'm trying to collect 1,000,000 signatures, and I could really use your help.

To read more about what I'm trying to do and to sign my petition, click here:

Once you're done, please ask your friends on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to sign the petition as well. Grassroots movements succeed because people like you have the courage and are willing to spread the word!

Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO
Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Black Fathers 2 Black Sons

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Black Fathers 2 Black Sons


C. Earl Campbell DA 3rd

You are the greatest gift a supreme being can bestow upon a father,

We see ourselves, as we watch you grow up in a racist society and know why we bother.

You ignore our advice about peer pressure and fall into socially engineered holes,

In search of your manhood with alcohol and fun, instead of knowledge and goals.

As we work hard to provide and challenge this system, we expect you to pursue your best,

We are trying to create examples and be role models for your success.

We must do more to help you mature by showing you the truth,

That Black Men ain’t nobody’s victims, unless we embrace the lies of our own youth.

We are a Got-Dam Force of Nature, only afraid of our own true potential and soul,

With the courage to dream unimaginable possibilities without fear or control.

You inherited our traits, but not the genetic guidance to understand your power,

Puberty often over-rides your common sense and makes you mentally strong as a flower.

It makes you see your Mothers as weak females, who don’t deserve your respect,

They are twice our equals with love and compassion and the strength to match our intellect.

Like in the Matrix Movies, we must intervene with a choice to remove the illusion from your mind,

Expose the truth of those in power who can no longer control your Young Black Behinds.

Every year produces another generation, that are unprogrammable by religion or fear,

Your are the Black Race’s Salvation, if we can keep you out of the road, acting like a deer.

Now hear us! As we teach you about emotional intelligence, manhood, patience and love of race,

Mental tools and skills required before you can take your leadership place.

It is waisted potential for you to end up dead or in jail for breaking the law,

“I wish I had listened to my mother and father” words spoken as your fresh meat becomes raw.

To all of our Young Black Men, know this, “Life Ain’t Fair”, so try to stay free,

Be honest, be respectful, be creative and strong, because your decisions are a reflection of me.

You must learn to questioned, reason, observe, think, listen and communicate to honor your oath,

Because almost everything that you have been taught to believe, limits your growth.

Dedicated to my son Charles Dudley Allen Campbell (21), and all Young Black Men and to the memory of Troy Davis, Executed by the State Of Georgia and the U. S. Supreme Court on September 21, 2011.

Black Economic Empowerment 101

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Black Economic Empowerment 101

Black Inventors, Innovators and Entrepreneurs are still trying to innovate in 2011. We are th salvation for the Black Community. Our unique gifts must be developed and supported by the Black Community, because the government at every level has unwritten plans that limit African American Inventors, Innovators and Entrepreneurs access to capital. Where are our AT&T, Coca Cola, Google, Facebook and Apples? It's not because we don't have the ideas and innovations. Our Black Leadership often focuses on Non-Economic Empowerment Issues. They help maintain us within our current conditions of poverty as repayment for getting elected. Their actions speak for themselves.

We as Black African Americans have everything we need to empower ourselves, except the "Collective Will" to do so. We remain divided by our religions, politics, ignorance, class and self hatred. All of this can be corrected within six months with the right leadership.

To do so, we must make Economic Development our number one priority. The Black Community should make an effort to identify inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs within their community and select those who agree to operate without GREED. They should collectively pool $5 and $10 to create a Venture Capital Company and provide seed funding for incubator space, pay for design and patent fees and the manufacturing cost. They should form Economic Development Partnerships with African American Colleges and Universities that have science, engineering and technology programs. They should identify and train inventors, entrepreneurs and innovators, regardless of their race, who will create businesses within their communities, hire their people first and build factories to manufacture, warehouse and retail the products and service.

A percentage of the taxes collected from the sale of those products and services and wages should be used to continue this "Economic Development and Empowerment Process" by creating a never ending loop that ensures funds get used to support local education, recreation and parks, community free health care services, retraining programs that help people learn how to live instead of survive. This must be done without GREED! Those who participate must be willing to accept 25% of Something is better than 100% of Nothing. The Inventor, Entrepreneur, Investor, Worker, Politician and Community must take a verbal and written pledge to avoid GREED throughout this process. Greed is defined: When Enough is Never Enough.


Charles E. Campbell, Inventor, Innovator, Entrepreneur and Lover of Human Kind

Founder & CEO of Allen Hydro Energy Corporation iPhone App myLottery7 Renewable Energy Company

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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Can You Hear Me Now!

There is a message in this video.

Will we ever wake up, stop drinking the Kool-aid, Pimp juice and Jesus Juice that keeps our minds psychologically chained to poverty, foolishness, greed and subconscious self-hatred?

When we see the real Matrix, some of us will choose the right pill and start to believe that our destiny is in our on hands. Through collective, collaboration and cooperation, we can accomplish what we WILL, without hate, greed, or selfishness.

When you get up off you dam knees or refuse to bend over, Nobody will be able to ride our backs or put their foot on our necks. That includes those false prophets, preachers, politicians, pimps and hustles who look like us and smile in our face, while doing nothing to solve problems. Leaders, by definitions solve problems without excuses or need for recognition or compensation. It's their passion to serve.

Notice - Know This

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Unnecessary Murder

1 Black African Mans Opinion (1BAMO) - Blogged

What is the life of a young Black African American Man worth? Watch this video before you answer that question.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Shame On Elected And Self Appointed Black Leaders

1 Black African Mans Opinion (1BAMO) - Blogged


Shame On Elected And Self Appointed Black Leaders

President Obama is not addressing Black African Americans issues, nor is any other National Black Leader. This has caused some confusing between some political entertainers like Brothers Rev. Al Sharpton, Cornell West, Tom Joyner and Tavis Smiley.

No US President has every seriously address the issues facing Black People in America, because since the death of Dr. King, we have never had any serious leadership with the courage to risk their life fighting for our interest. His murders left an enduring legacy of fear for those who stood with him and those who have come after him.

Black Leaders have never tried to combine their national resources, taught us to do for ourselves economically or demanded and gotten anything for our tax dollars that could be used to benefit the Black Community. Every year they hold national conferences to feel the pulse of Black Americans, party and provide some emotional pressure release and produce nothing that would be considered a national plan to empower Black People. I've been asking myself why? There is but one conclusion that I could be arrived at. They don't want things to improve for Black African Americans! Yet they have to maintain the illusion that they are doing their best to lead and represent the interest of Black People. Examine their results for yourself. This was a sad, but necessary revelation. I promise never to complain without proposing a solution.

I propose the following as a plan of action to correct their behavior: That We The Black People of the United States of America, due ordain and establish a six month time schedule whereby, all Black African American Leaders shall collaborate to develop a written empowerment plan with coordinated implementable strategies in the areas of economic development, health care, education, housing, job creation, public policy, political leadership, spiritual behavior, community security, transportation, technology empowerment, communication, social service and family development. Furthermore, that We The Black People of the United States of America agree to support such a National Black Empowerment Plan with $25 per month by establishing a free online Pay Pal Account, use an ACH Bank Transfer or Automatic Employer Payroll Deduction process.

If they fail to meet this requirement, they should be given a NO Confidence Vote by Internet, Letter or Telephone and we should withdraw our support and votes in their next election, attendance to their Churches, Mosques, Hall or Temples, withdraw for attending their monthly, district, regional and national meetings and seek to replaced them IMMEDIATELY, by any means necessary. Any Black African American who choose not to support such an effort has not legitimate right to complain and should be ignored.

The suffering and pain endured by a majority of the Black African Americans is too much to ignored or allow their poor leadership to remain in charge. This is an opportunity for them to lead, get out the way or be removed.

Finally, if any one of them who calls for another foolish march to anywhere, they should be laughed at and disrespectfully told “No Thank You”!.

Charles E. Campbell, Thinker, Entrepreneur, Author

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Solution To Cyber Hacking by Inventor, Innovator and Entrepreneur

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Solution To Cyber Hacking by Inventor, Innovator and Entrepreneur


The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is the latest victim of cyber crime, as reported by Bloomberg. The report highlighted a series of attacks on companies such as EMC Corp. (EMC - Analyst Report),Lockheed Martin Corp. (LMT - Analyst Report), Google Inc.(GOOG - Analyst Report), Sony Corp. (SNE - Snapshot Report) and Citigroup Inc. The US Federal Government has declared cyber security as a top priority and the Pentagon has set up a new Cyber Command division to deal with rising security threats. The fiscal 2012 budget has allocated $2.3 billion in new and ongoing spending on operational cyber security and cyber security research and development at the Department of Defense (DoD). EMC recently announced its intention of spending $3.0 billion on acquisitions, with security to be the other priority besides storage.

Charles E. Campbell has a solutions that will prevent Cyber Hacking of Banks, Cloud Computing and Governments. He's seeking a partnership with a computer company or governments to develop and manufacturer it. He's open to all serious offers from potential partners willing to sign a NDA. He’s planning to file a US Patent on the technology soon.

Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO

Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC)

Friday, May 27, 2011

New eBook: The Revised Amended Constitution for the United States of America for the 21st Century.

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New eBook: The Revised Amended Constitution for the United States of America for the 21st Century.

The Unites States Constitutions needed to be updated for the 21st Century and C. Earl Campbell had the courage to do it. He made changes to the Articles and Bills Of Rights. The second Amendment, Search and Seizure, and Voting Rights for Washington D. C. He placed term limits in the Constitution for the U. S. Senate.

The revisions proposed by C. Earl Campbell DA 3rd will send shock waves through America and the World. He proposed changes to the Second Amendment, Search and Seizure and Voting Rights for the People of Washington D. C.

He was bold enough to propose term limits for the U. S. Senate. He believes that the US Constitution is a Flawed Document and if we are to advance our civilization in the 21st Century, this Great Nation must have serious construction work done on its foundation.

If you are a Constitutional Scholar, Practicing Attorney, Law Professor, Law Student, or a Proud American, this eBook is a must have. It will cause some to engage in serious discussions about US Constitutional Reform.

For the Launch of this eBook, it will be on Sale for 1 week for 50% off and available for $4.99 as a download in Pdf format. Sale ends Saturday, June 4th at midnight when the price returns to $9.99. Available at

C. Earl Campbell DA 3rd

Thursday, May 26, 2011

An Innovation In Bioscience Happend Today

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An Innovation In Bioscience Happened Today

Just exposure to Microbiology Information in class today, I developed a new product concept to prevent the contraction of the common cold, flu and airborne allergies.

The allergy treatment and relief medicine category is estimated to be an $18 billion dollar worldwide market, growing at over 10% per annum.

In the US alone, there are approximately 50 million people suffering with airborne allergies. Outside the US, estimates are that in any given country, approximately 25% of the population has allergic rhinitis (airborne allergies). In the US the OTC pharmaceutical markets generates over 25 Billion Dollars per annum and the global market generates over 85 Billion Dollars per annum.

This gift of innovation and invention is simply amazing. I can't wait to develop this new product that helps millions of people who suffer for seasonal allergies, colds and flu. Always open to mutually beneficial collaboration opportunities.

Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO

Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

3 Innovative Solutions to Prevent and Protect Against River Flooding

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Dear Friends:

Seeking venture capital seed funding to develop & commercialize two Innovative Solutions that will protect against property loss due to river flooding and one solution that would actually prevent river flooding in residential areas.

Only an inventor and innovator would look at the devastation caused by the current and predicted Mississippi River Flooding and create not one, but three innovations that prevent and contain the river, and protect property. Only contact me, if you are serious about investing to provide the seed funding to patent, prototype and test and rapidly commercialize these solutions. I'm not interested in the meeting and a referral game.

This is not "Out of the Box Thinking", this is "There is No Dam Box Thinking".

Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO

Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC)

Columbus, Ohio USA

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother's Day Inspirations

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Dear Friends

Happy Mother's Day to our Mothers. Visit and buy one of nine different Poems with separate backgrounds to share with your mother, grandmother, sisters, wives and aunts. Show your love with something unique and special. Please share this with your family and friends.

C. Earl Campbell DA 3rd

Happy Mother’s Day Momma

You did it Momma!

You helped me past life’s test.

I learned many lessons from you and tried to do my best.

I cherish and honor you on this Mother’s Day, because of your love,

You are the “Mother Of All Mothers”, a true gift from Heaven above.

Your confidence and wisdom forever set the stage,

Happy Mother’s Day Momma, you grow more beautiful with age.

Life was tough for you and you sometimes struggled alone,

Your faith in God kept you strong even as things would go wrong.

Your balance of time, patience, love and discipline, with just the right touch,

Makes me appreciate you everyday, Momma I Love You So Much!

By C. Earl Campbell DA 3rd

Happy Mother's Day Pink

Happy Mother's Day Yellow

Happy Mother's Day Peach

Happy Mother's Day Purple

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Bold New Idea for the 21st Century!

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A Bold New Idea for the 21st Century!

New Economic Development Opportunity: Start a company making Non-Lethal Bullets.

Americans should Advocate for A New Law making lethal bullets illegal to manufacture and sell to anyone other than the military and law enforcement. Anyone who uses lethal bullets should be charged with pre-meditated murder.

Keep the Second Amendment, outlaw lead or lethal bullets or projectiles. There is no argument against bearing arms (Guns), but the US Constitution does not guarantee the rights to lethal bullets. This is an idea some don't want discussed! Every Community should pass laws to make lethal bullets illegal in their communities. This should save the lives of millions of people.

Charles E. Campbell, Author, Inventor, Innovator Thinker and Entrepreneur (New eBook on Reparations) $3.99

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Friday, April 22, 2011

My Earth Day Interview With Dino Herbert

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My Earth Day Interview with Dino Herbert host of Hero Entrepreneurs

Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO

Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC)

My Earth Day Interview

1 Black African Mans Opinion (1BAMO) - Blogged

My Earth Day Interview with Dino Herbert host of Hero Entrepreneurs

Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO

Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

American Teenager's Creed

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American Teenager’s Creed

I wanted to create an empowering message for Teenager. Something that would remind them that they are a gift to this country and they are valued.

My website for my music, eBooks, poetry, creeds, pledges and more. Get your copy of The American Teenager's Creed for $3.99 at

C. Earl Campbell Da 3rd