Thursday, October 25, 2007

Do Black Colleges and Universities Teach Black Consciousness?

Consciousness is an awakening of the mind. A Black Consciousness is an awakening of the mind to Black history, culture and conditions of Black People. A Black Consciousness is created through exposure to information, such a book entitled: Black Labor White Wealth and PowerNomics written by Dr. Claud Anderson, The Conspiracy to Destroy Black Boys by Dr. J. Kunjufu, The Miseducation of the Negro by Dr. Carter G. Woodson, The Destruction of Black Civilization by Dr. Chancellor Williams, Africa and The New World Order by Dr. John Henrik Clarke, How Western Religions Underdeveloped African Civilizations by Professor James Small, Education for Liberation Message by Dr. Leonard Jefferies and so many others. A Black Consciousness allows a Black Person to develop a group identity, a positive self esteem and a desire to use their God given talents to uplift and empower their people.

Black Colleges and Universities should be exposing students to this information, if they expect to develop Black Leaders in all fields of study who will make a change in the Black Community. Students can not demand a true education if they think what they are already getting is one. I challenge all Black Students to read Black Labor White Wealth and The Miseducation of a Negro. Those two books will prick your conscious and create a new awareness of your Blackness and why it is important for this society to keep you unconscious and asleep in the Matrix. Black Students represent the hopes and aspirations of those who were not able to attend college. Those you left behind in you small towns or cities. If you education is about the “I got to get minds mentality” then you will never be any good to your family or your community. Black Students should demand to have at least one required course before graduation that will help you understand Black History Prior to white enslavement, racism, discrimination, prejudice, the justice system and what are current struggles for equality, justice and economic justice is all about. I know that it is fashionable to be stupid about such matters to some college students and that saddens me. Especially when administrators from my undergraduate reponded to me with statements like this: "We had a Voluntary Black Studies Course and had to cancel it because no or too few Black Students would sign up for it".

I hope Black College Students are not too asleep to understand what is happening in America in 2007. If they understood what happened in 1907, 1947, 1957, 1967 and 1987 then they would get it. A Miseducation prepares one to get a job, but a Conscious Education prepares one to lead a people and a nation. Which one are you or your children or grandchildren being prepared for?

One Love, One People, One Goal: Black Empowerment

Charles E. Campbell